Does anyone know what game this was?

Hey guys, this question is going to be VERY vague, as I barely remember it.

Anyways, there used to be this arcade fighting game at a campground when I was like 10. (what a way to experience nature eh?)

All I can really remember about it was I think there was this big character (I think he was like zangief’s size, but he was like a pirate or something. I think with a beard I believe) that would go like, “DID YOU HEAR ME!” really loud when he did a special move.

Anyways, that’s all I can remember, but I remember it seeming so badass lol

Thanks guys

World Heroes series has a pirate. Can’t remember if he says that though…

yeah world heroes 2. Viking dude sounds like he says hagadehemori (or something like that!)

Oh nice guys,

yeah World Heroes 2 was the one. That word you posted above is what I thought was "did you hear me"
Here’s him saying it [media=youtube]VBHW3K-oqPw[/media]

At 4:30 they’re fighting on a pirate ship, which is why I thought of pirates

Man…looks ALOT more dated than I thought it was. Back then I thought the graphics on it were sick LOL

Thanks guys

The viking with the incorrectly spelled name (“Erick” should be Erik, which happens to be my name as well) says “Aegir’s Halberd” when launching his wave projectile. In Norse mythology, Aegir is an ocean-god, married to a goddess named Ran. In case you did not know, a halberd is a type of polearm.

BTW, a friend of mine heard the phrase as “Aegir, hear me!”, even after I told her the move’s name, so we can certainly agree that the speech in this game is rather garbled.

lol nic eexplanation of the move. Used to love the speech in this and the original. Rinsed both of these when they came out, but when I played them via rom couldnt believe ho wslow they are compared to other games. Never noticed it at the time!

too easy



Do you guys remember this one 2d fighting game, that seemed to be set in Medieval europe, and you chop each other’s limbs off and they would bleed profusely, but the fight would continue even with missing limbs.

I’m not joking. I saw it when I was little, but didn’t play it.