Does Anyone Know What This Game Is?


Hi. A friend of mine has shown me an image of this game, but we can’t figure out exactly what game it is. It looks amazing, and I want to try it.

So, I come here today, hoping that you, my fellow Fighting Game Players, can help me in my quest to find the name of this game.

Here is the screenshot:

Thanks a lot, guys.


Obviously Battletoads.

j/k. It’s a fake game. Don’t worry about it.


Ah really? Huh. Alright, well thanks for the quick response anyhow.


Yeah, it was an April Fool’s joke by the creators of Melty Blood that they were working on a fighter based off of Fate/Stay Night.

Total bullshit, but goddamn were those screens pretty.


it’s melty gear no ken. can’t wait!


no wonder the super bar looks like melty blood