Does anyone know where I can get a baby Magneto pic?

Hi all, I’m new to this forum and have been searching and searching but can’t seem to find a pic of magneto as a baby or chibi. Does anyone know where I can get one? I’m thinking something along the lines of the characters from the game Puzzle Fighter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I made this years ago!

heh… you still have those lol

:wow: that shit is badass, nice work :tup:

damn, we need more of those :tup:

This is SO tight man thanks so much!! Like the other guy was saying we NEED more of those…STORM too or maybe even psylocke. Psylocke = one sexy baby.
One with mag with BIG eyes looking innocent for a change would be great too.

your like 2 years too late…

That’s cool if someone’s already done it do you remember where the link is by chance?

It was like this… someon had a tutorial that showed how to make them… it was taken down and i don’t know anyone that has seen it since… so there was a chunk of them that were made but no clue who has em… the closest thing i had was the wallpaper that had just about all of them… not sure on what hd it was on though…

scratch that… found it…
and this one…

as you can see some of them were from the puzzle fighter series but some of them were actually made, like the ironman one…
the player select screen i dont know where i found it might help someone point out who did those.

Damn it would be tight if they had Cable, Storm or Psylocke too and Mag looking innocent for a change with big eyes or something…I notice that they usually have the capcom characters as chibi but hardly ever Marvel. This sucks because they are after all the top four everyone loves about MVC2:confused:Someone who could make those would be DOMINATOR. I did see that they do have Dr. Doom, Iron Man, Cyclops, Strider, Sentinel, Jill, Ice Man and Commando from Marvel for a change. Which reminds me that Yaris from Evo West with chibi Ryu and Chunli on the paint job should have featured Storm, Mag and maybe even Cable lol. But thanks for the hookup on those links man. Those = too good. I got a lot friends who are gonna eat these up.

haha thats good stuff

Oh shit, yoink…new background :sweat: