Does anyone know where i can get the gif of blanka doin his super?


hi i would deeply appreciate it if sum1 knows or gives my a gif of blanka doin his super thx :smiley:


You should probably list which super you’re talking about.


the super which is like a blanka ball not shout at earth the one where he does a electric blanka ball


Well, since there isn’t an emulated version of cvs2…you’re s.o.l. on a gif. I haven’t EVER seen an animated cvs2…or at least one that actually used the original, untouched animation from the game. Just take an Alpha 3 gif of the Blanka Ball, cuz it’s the same one from cvs2… lazy-ass Capcom :lol:, and Photoshop some elec-effects on each frame in Imageready. Outer glow is your best friend in this, or at least I think so. It’s how I do electricity, but I’m relatively new to PS.


i completely forgot that super came in cvs2 thx sorry