Does anyone live in the bay area, CA and can mod a ps3 pad to work on xbox?


Ive heard of people gutting xbox controllers and putting the hardware inside a ps3 pad. i was wondering if anyone in the area can do it and do it asap… i need an xbox compatible ps3 pad for warzone 2 since they decided its gonna be entirely on xbox, and xbox pads are retarded.

im willing to pay… someone please respond asap


Akuma001 lives in the bay and mods controllers. look him up.


thanks… just sent him a PM… if anyone else you know does this let me know… im gonna be pissed if i cant enter warzone 2 cause i dont have a controller =/


this is what im looking for


I would like to see this mod. I wonder if a Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB would fit inside a dualshock case.