Does anyone make custom panels and plexis for the qanba q4?

When I search I can only find stuff for TEs and I neex a panel to make my qanba stickless and another to fit a myoungshin fanta and I dont know how to make my own metal panels and plexis

Pretty sure OP’s looking for replacement panels for his Q4RAF, and I believe he wants a product similar to what Art has here.

That said, OP, this might be a long shot, but I’d see about contacting Art and asking if it’s possible for him to make a Q4RAF replacement top panel, maybe as a special order or something. Well, at any rate, it’s worth a shot.

I found out that for those in NYC, Video Games NY can mod to fit a Myoungshin Fanta for 15

EDIT: they said they’re in the process of the process to making it so customers can have metal panels made