Does anyone play GGXX AC for the Wii?

I mean using the classic controller you could play it right? Why does everyone talk about the other versions?

Yeah people play it for the Wii.

And well the players for the Wii AC are much smaller than those for the PS2 AC in number. Majority rules.

I play it:woot:

Get a hori stick (swap out the buttons for sanwa) and you are in business. From what I know, it plays exactly like ps2 but has slightly crisper picture and annoying Accent Calories counter. The game may have input lag due to the controllers being wireless, but I have played both versions and noticed no difference.

Same. Except I’m just using the Wii Hori Stick as is (not custom). I play on it, it’s nice too. I can only imagine the popularity of the Wii Hori Stick once Tatsunoko V.S. Capcom arrives 12/11/08…get ready for a winter wonder land. :looney:

Because Wii blows fat hairy donkey dick.

hur hur I play it with my wii hori stick(that also works on PS2).

I tried it with the classic controller a few times… It has a great d-pad, real smooth, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. I expected it to be stiff and painful on the thumb to play fighting games with.

Actually, it might be one of the best pads for fightings games I have yet to try. But then again, the Wii does have a Hori stick you can get instead.