Does anyone play Gundam Seed Destiny Alliance vs Z.A.F.T. 2?


i’m just wondering if anyone on this forum plays this game?


Yes I play it, great game lots of fun.

More so in 2player.

Being playing them for ages since Fed vs Zeon.

Zaft 2 is the best since Zeta.

edit: LOL I just noticed your screen name, you must be a certified Gundam Nut like myself, Kira sucks though.


Are you talking about this one?

Or which is the one that just came out?

I heard there newest one was supposed to come out early December, but I’m unsure which one that is ;_;


No, this is the one.

I don’t care about the anime, but this game (which is made by Capcom) is really an awsome “fighting” game.


yes it is and now i this game they have a whole bunch os new stuff like step canceling and just frames and seed cancel combos like strike freedom has a rejuggle combo that takes about 350-375 hit points off so buff:wgrin:


does your name start with an “E”?


Yes does your name start with a N?


I am a fan of the Gundam VS games. I actually own Fed vs Zeon. Too bad i don’t have a modded PS2 to play those imports. However, it’ll be great if Namco Bandai / Capcom could release this game for the Wii, though.


yes indeed


probly not


Well, I’m out to get this game.

I had part 1 of this game and I actually kind of liked it.
I’m guessing part 2 is just an expansion with more stuff and fixed issues (I’ve seen some Arcade matches on part 2).

BTW: Anyone know where I can find matches on this game?


here u go about 35 match vids here:


Is the console version of this game 4 players, by any chance?


Oh shit they released the first on ps2. I’ve only seen one match vid of this game (thanks for the link X20A). Looks cool.


I might get it. It looks like virtual On.


i do. got it 3 days ago… this game fucking owns… i like the improvements they made from the first one. if you’re a seed fanatic like me you’ll love this game.

strike noir >>>>>>>>>>>> *
strike noir is so good they didn’t even give it blocking.
destiny is also pretty awesome and so is infinite justice and strike freedom.

i was hoping they’d make this game with online play…


Shit the second game is out now? better get it quick. This time Im learning the game on joystick so I dont get owned when I go back to japan.

Nice links freedom.


The button setup:


i’ve been messing with this game a whole lot, i have lots of vids of this game in on my youtube page if anyones interested,

just recently found out that sword strike is pretty nice, might even be able to compete with some of the top tier… gonna try to make a vid of sword strike vs. oowashi akatsuki/strike freedom/infinite justice without dying once on maximum difficulty and lvl 5.


I have union vs zaft and I’ve downloaded destiny 2 plus but haven t played it. I love these games.