Does anyone play Gundam war in the Portland or Seattle area?

If your wondering what Gundam War is it’s a CCG and I play with both Japanese and english cards.

Having a wife probably prevents me from getting into this game… but I probably would actually try it out.

Gundam has always been something I’ve kind of wanted to try getting into. And Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, as DWish as it is, has me wanting to learn more about Gundam. And I totally loved Federation vs. Zeon, especially if you had 4 arcade cabinets linked together (played it in Vancouver BC).

But on the flipside… There is a Gundam game I completely, totally love and want to recommend to people (except it’s hard to get legally, but you can at least download it)… GUNDAM MAHJONG DS! Seriously, that game is so awesome and it’s a real blast (even if the “special attacks” are Mahjong Breaking). I must have clocked 200 hours on that game the first year I got it.

I’ve always wanted to get into mahjong, but I couldn’t find anyone to teach me. Gundam War is pretty easy to play and if you’ve played magic before it’s practically the same with just little differences.