Does anyone play in Temecula/Murrieta?


I saw the “TMM Game Fighters” page on Facebook but it seems no one posts on there anymore :frowning: Does anyone here have a weekly thing they go to? None of my friends play fighting games so it would be cool to meet people who do :smiley:


I’m in Menifee. Just came back from college. I’m wanting to figure out something local in the near-ish future. Don’t know if there are enough people in the area to create something sustainable, though.


Same here. It would be fun…sadly where are all the players!!!


I recently moved back to Sun City (near menifee). I’m looking for a local spot for SF4. Anyone willing to host?


i live in lake elsinore and am willing to travel anywhere within the IE if someone is willing to host. i play UMVC3.




It looks like there will be a sf4 tourney at the gamestop in Menifee on March 5.


I live out in Menifee and like Fred just posted, I’ll be hosting said event this coming Monday. :]


Looking for a place to play some Casuals… SFxT, AE, UMVC.




yo, i’m livin in the area now, and i mainly play marvel. I’ll play the other games, but it’ll probably just be an exercise in frustration haha! any more tourneys at gamestop for other games in the future or anything?


moreno valley here myself! i play a friend from murreita at least twice a week if not more. driving usually isnt an issue provided i have gas the ok from the wife and son and the day off haha! i can host if need be but it would only be possible wednesday nights starting at about 11pm, its the most consistent free night that i have.

i play umvc3 and will be getting skullgirls today.

ps - example of driving not being an issue - i drove from work in riverside to ucla to pick up a friend to go to another friends house in san diego for the weekend and had to make the return trip when the weekend was over!

make things happen people!


Motion, I am trying to starting up casuals in the Menifee / Murrieta area! Please pm me and lets talk! :slight_smile:


i am so terrible at skullgirls but the game is so damn fun…stayed up till 430am playing with said murrieta friend!

@ wildfang_ - will do sir


I’m hosting small casuals on Friday evenings… first one will be this week. If interested, please contact me (preferably text) with your SRK name and real name and I will forward you the address!

I would also like for at least one person to bring another system / setup if possible. Have extra tvs (CRT’s though)

Contact: 951-719-5976
Time: 5pm - 12pm (or later)
When: 4/20
Games: Whatever people want to play
Address: Contact me

Thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: schedule is subject to change. Depends on levels of interest (if people are able to come or not). I’ll post here again whether it’s happening or rescheduling is appropriate.


I live in temecula off of butterfield. I might be down to come check out your casuals on Friday. The only game I play tho is marvel so if you don’t have marvel I probably won’t be to much fun lol…

WL Tommy/Sire


i got friday off, so i’ll text come friday! Mahvel only!


I’d like to expand to a local comic place soon because I won’t be able to accommodate a large amount of people though. I’ll talk to the owner soon enough to start a community going. Would like some help in this department though.

Anyway, so far it seems like everyone wants to play Marvel. I myself am not a Marvel player :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll play it. Hopefully motion51 will be able to bring a 360 setup for Marvel since it’s preferable to have Marvel on the 360. Please bring your sticks!

I don’t want to discourage people who want to play AE or SFxT from coming though, in fact please come so I can practice that :stuck_out_tongue: (Skullgirls, KOF, Blazblue, etc. are all welcomed as well! :slight_smile: I don’t have those games yet though haha).

IMPORTANT: PLEASE text me by **THURSDAY (name, SRK handle, ETA, and whatever else you think is important haha). **Max amount of people I’ll be able to accommodate would be 10 people. Max number of cars I would be able to accommodate would be at most, 5. The least amount of cars the better, so please try to carpool or something! I live in a gated community which requires registering vehicles to park on the street during late night hours.

If this becomes a weekly / bi-weekly thing (probably bi-weekly), this will probably be the precedent for the format and process. Meaning I’d require a text from each individual by Thursday whether or not people are coming in order to gauge the level of availability / interest that specific week.

Only rule is to be respectful of others, my house, my things, and have a good time! (and maybe have some sort of food/snack, I got water covered lol)


Contact: 951-719-5976
Time: ***7***pm - 12pm (or later)
When: 4/20
Games: Whatever people want to play
Address: Contact me
Important: Read above post


Last day, please text me. Probably two more people!