Does anyone play in Temecula/Murrieta?


Yes, and as far as I’m concerned, yes. I definitely would like to take more initiative, but:

Plus I think most of the people here play UMvC3. I’m trying to get started in KOF, so most of my attention is diverted to playing KOFXIII offline, and KOF2002 on GGPO.


Well if the comic shop is holding casuals on mondays I would love to go through. I do not play UMvC3 at all and dont plan to as I dislike that game. I do play AE and KOFXIII and I may be able to bring my Xbox 360 if systems are needed.


It’s not really the shop itself that’s holding it. We are just trying to meet up during their Free Game Mondays to organize our own casuals. We could probably ask them if you could bring your gear in.


Someone teach me marvel i suck ass.


Can we actually set up something at the comic store? I always read like one or two people saying “Yeah I’ll go” and nothing ever happens :frowning:


If we can do this then I can definately make it out at least bi monthly.
I can bring an xbox 360 with AE 2012 and KOF and possibly a small monitor, however there will be no sound, so if we can get someone else with a monitor that would be great.
I can also bring two dual modded sticks.


I pmd ryans comics through fb and they said that monday night, tuesday night, and saturday morning would be available, but they haven’t got back to me about the time. I also talked to thou shalt game which is also a comic book/tcg store and its located right between temecula/murrieta on jefferson, they said that if there was enough interest they would be cool with it.


I really hope you guys get something going in this area so I can come out of semi-retirement. I can play pretty much everything so game selection shouldn’t be a problem for me.

I hope Ryan’s Comics can be the main meetup spot since there’s plentiful food options within walking distance, though I wouldn’t mind if the other store becomes the spot to play at.


wow i don’t know how it happened, but this thread got revived. i pretty much gave up on you guys. i’m in, set the date, and let’s play MAHVEL BABY!


Ryans comics still hasnt gotten back to me about the time lol, but hopefully this can work out. TSG said thursdays would be best and if there’s enough interest they’ll work it into their schedule or something along the lines of that.

Hopefully other people read this and join in -.-

People should also start going to OFC when it is going on. It’s a pretty fun get together and they hold little tournaments and what not. Peep the website at or just look up the srk thread.


What’s TSG?


hi, i’ll be hosting persona 4 session friday evening/saturday all day. i’m in temecula, pm me if you’re interested. thanks


TSG is thou shalt game as i mentioned in my previous post.


looking for a stick/pad (sanwa parts/ mcz pad or pdp), holla (pm, preferably). No hitbox, please…tnx!


I gotta start checking this thread more often. I’m down to bring a setup for AE and Marvel on 360. I think we all should just exchange contact details and make something happen finally.


Yeah I hella agree and I just want something to start lol. Well Ryans comics said they could do it on tuesdays after they close until 11pm. Hopefully everyone else starts to check this thread as well.


It should definitely be a weekly session thing. Mondays and Tuesdays are good for me. Anyway what’s good with that P4A though? Where can I get it early? bellreisa you still trying to host tonight or tomorrow?


hosting tonight/tomorrow yes, not many people though cause i usually don’t host often + temecula’s too damn far


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