Does anyone play KOF XII?

I’m thinking about getting KOF XII, cause I saw some gameplay vids. The game looks pretty good. Before I get it, I wanna see if anyone still plays it. I don’t want this to turn out like MuA1.

I’ll beat you at it.

Are you sure about that Sazae? You sure you can stop the power of ANDY BOGARD?!

stop making threads every fucking second

and stop making them in the wrong sections.

I don’t make em every second, maybe like 1 or 2 each day. And Hey, KOF is a fighting game, so I thought it’d be perfect for the fighting game section. I mean did some random guy post a Naruto fighting game thread in a Other Games section? I don’t think so. Obviously, the mods must not think this is the wrong place for it, cuz I’m sure they would’ve moved it. Also mods, please move this. Thanks.

only an 09er would take KOF12 seriously :rofl:

if you keep making threads you gonna get banned
This is pretty much the same thread you created.

And don’t say you didn’t see the KOF section either. You got your avatar from IMM. Which means you passed the KOF board along with the other sections. IMM is lower than the KOF board.

…Why do you guys even bother?


Go away.

Click on this, and use it from now on…

yes, KOF XII is a fighting game

but there is a whole section on this very site devoted to JUST THAT GAME

I think you would get a better and more reasonable answer there.

Can someone ban this little fat kid? He has started so many pointless threads now.

And KOF 12 sucks.

I’ll play you if it’ll get you to shut the fuck up…

I agree with this statement.

please look up at the Strategy Zone .

1 or 2 threads a day? 1-2 a month is too much from someone who has nothing to say. 1-2 a year should be fine.

Sabin said it best…

KOF12 is dead as SHIT!**

sry :coffee:


If you’re going to play KOF, just play one that’s worth playing even if there’s not a big scene in America for it. Like 98UM, 2002UM, XI, or even MIRA.

How about just never make one. Let smart people make them.