Does anyone play online with dsl

i’m planning on getting dsl with a connection of 5 megs download speed, is that good enough

Hate to break it to ya but nobody cares and second, I know this thread will be locked very soon!


Every post I read from you is always negative. It can never be a positive statement. He wanted an answer and nothing else. If a mod decides to close a thread. He/she will do it when they see the thread and it it’s necessary. You don’t need to keep saying “This thread will be locked.” when someone creates a new thread.


The download of your speed doesn’t matter when it comes to gaming. It’s all about the upload connection. As long as your upload is at least over 1MB and it’s wired instead of wireless. You’ll do fine unless the netcode sucks and you need more than a 1MB because of the netcode. Then, you’ll need a better connection.

I have Comcast with High Speed Broadband.

32+MB/s upload and 6+MB upload.


2nd So my connection suck or what?


How much are you paying? That’s TERRIBLE.

LMFAO IDK how much we pay I don’t even know what are internet provider is.
Are connection isn’t that laggy though.