Does anyone play Servbot, doom, capcom?

I was wondering if anyone could post the strategys and combos with this team and how it is played. i saw a match with this team being played but can anyone go in deep and tell everyone how to play them and general and “advance tastic’s” :clap:

I do.
Basically, Servbot is a nitpick character.
Use his size to get under attacks and combo away at your opponent, and build for his (Gamma-Type) Lunch Rush, which takes down a LOT of chip damage when pulled off. I have already done a Servbot strategy thread somewhere…that’ll tell you all you need to know about Servbot.

intersting serverbot lives?

servebot is lame but he can be good if you know what your are doing…if anyone has any combos or something worth knowing please tell i really would like to know.

The best combos I know for serv bot really aren’t that great since he does so little damage. There’s the basic ariel rave, then there’s c.fierce to the flame thingy.

yea he`s lame as hell