Does anyone play this game?


Hello, I just bought this game on Steam because I felt that paying ten dollars less for the PC version would be a good thing for my wallet. So far, I have only been able to get into Ranked matches semi-consistently. Over the entirety of yesterday, I only managed to get into one Endless Battle lobby. So far, I have not been able to get into a Scramble mode lobby as it always says that no lobbies exist (same with EB).

I also started a partner search and let it run for an hour. Nothing came up.

So, does anyone play this game or is it dead? Anyone wanna play with me and help me get better, please?


PC version is getting a netcode patch sometime this week or next, then you should see more matches since it is currently glitchy…should see many more people online then. It will auto update via GFWL. Also there are always more people in ranked since you can just let it search till you find a match, add people to your friends list when get a good match or 2 in so you can invite to games(or endless lobbies) later, that helps too!


Also, use arcade request mode. It’s more useful to practice your execution and combos in arcade mode while the game searches for online matches.

And, it’s just more convenient.


Ahh yes, that, and you cant beat the briefing room with a partner with fight request enabled, you can train online with them and it will just pop up when a match is ready. That is hours of fun and matches, not to mention good practice time and teamwork.


Kind of in the same boat atm. Waiting for that patch to hit, checking constantly, but I’m searching for endless lobbies every now and then to no avail. Figure it’ll pick up after the patch arrives.


I’m starting to finally play online on PC a bit here and there, though like a lot of people I am waiting for the patch. Primarily I play on 360 as well though, so there is that.


Not sure I’m getting this for PC, not too happy with the PC version of AE. Not hating on the game itself I have it for PS3 and Xbox360 (PS3 is for me, I bought a 360 and games for the Detroit Tourny’s and casuals) If the wourd out that it is good on PC then I will pick it up as well.


Ask again at the end of the month. Still waiting on that patch…