Does anyone play this on a 480 setup?

So just for kicks I decided to play this on my standard tv that’s hooked up to my good ol’ monster component cables (and that makes 3S:OE looks gdlk) and wow I believe this may look better than 1080p o_O.

The way the characters look in the character select screen on an hd setup is the way they actually look while playing in 480. I may keep this setting >_>

I play on 480 a lot since most of my friends and the local events here use SD TV’s a lot. Not really my cup of tea, my 19" HDTV looks a lot better than the SD TV’s do.

Hmm, do you now what connections they use? The cables make a HUGE difference, like night and day.

Just basic composite cables.

Well there you go lol, going from composite to component is like going from vhs to hd

I don’t think any of those TV’s take component.

I seriously doubt 480p looks better than 1080p.

I think it has more to do with the size of the TV, honestly. When you have a gigantic TV you can really see how pixelated the sprites are, they’re very clearly not appropriate for a 1080p resolution, but on a smaller setup they look absolutely beautiful.

Yeah, I can understand that. I have a 47 inch TV it’s not so pixelated unless the camera zooms in on someone.

Well it’s about the fact the characters are natively drawn at 480. Don’t get me wrong, the upscaler in the game is very impressive and looks gorgeous at 1080p, it gives the characters an amazing shaded, almost 3d-rendered esque look. I’m not saying it looks better, but just different at 480, comes down to personal taste. And of course, for being 2D, component is absolutely necessary, just see the difference from composite in this article (talking composite vs component in 2012 FTW!!)

I’m well aware of the differences between composite and component. That being said, it’s not easy to find an SD TV that supports composite inputs.