Does anyone play this on PC?


I just got this game on PC, and not a lot of people are on. Should I just come on here to fight people? I’ve only fought two competitive players in ranked, and the rest have been brand new players…

User name on Games for Windows is Kronos2560, let me know if anyone wants to play! :smiley:


If youre from europe hit me up, im mostly on AE nowdays but I never refuse some lag free sfxt for anything :smiley:


DriestKitty4619 = GFWL

Add me, both of you! I’m in the EU but can’t promise no lag with Capcom’s shitty netcode.


I’m in Northern California unfortunately :frowning:

I’d add you guys, but I don’t know how laggy (or not) it would be :confused:




SFxT: compared to AE:

too bad, it’s because of the bugged netcode entirely.
1v1 is hit and miss, but 2v2 is unplayable… and that was the best thing about this game for me


tl:dr - no, no one plays on pc



Well I still do…

Got some good advice on Steam too, you need to turn Vsync on and it apparently magically fixes the netcode. After I did it I actually got multiple flawless connections (which is a miracle in this game) whereas compared to before I had stuff like Cammy’s Cannon Spike disappearing into getting comboed into oblivion by Kuma.

Though maybe the connections of those guys also helped.


hey anyone who still plays hit me up
arcdawn on steam


So essentially no online play once GFWL shuts down in June. That sucks.