Does anyone play VS/DS on Kaillera

I’m looking to get into this game because it’s mad fun. I suck but I would love to get better at it…I wonder why no one plays this game in the US…

i play vampire savior exclusively on kallera.

i’m losing hope in the pple I meet on there.

Oh shit peeps still play this, I haven’t been playing it that much cause comps been down for DS for awhile on kaillera…I’m down for VS or DS. I’m always on aim and msn whenever I’m online so hit me up if your ever up for some games or anyone who plays it really.

i play it just not to much any delay just fucks my game up ba
no dp on wakeup = losses for me

jojo just arrived in the mail a few days ago, and it makes me wonder why the crap nobody plays it? its freekin fun!

b/c vampire>jojo’s

I do. Haven’t been on kaillera in a while though. Whats your kaillera nick?

i do sometimes. but do i now? no

I guess I still do… sort of…

lol… you guys are getting really slutty :nunchuck:

Bump? More people need to play this game!!!

I play a lot more on kaillera now. Specifically because DOTA players are fucking wimps

you’re missing out, if you havent played jedahministry

I used to play from time to time with this guy who was black on kaillera. Damn those games were the shit! For some reason though, Whenever I play kaillera on this comp, Its like its hogging the resources. Anyone got sollutions to this?

cant help w/ that, sry…

but this klim character plays vampire. very solid demitri. not that scrubby shit you see random players play. hes annoying as fuck… in a good way

I was actually looking to get good in this as well. wOuld love to get good at Vs/DS.

Ok I figured out the problem. If I set it to average or low it doesnt lag. Now if anyone is up for some games send me a pm :slight_smile:


I just downloaded VS/VS2 for MAME and was looking for people to play in it. If anyone still plays my name on Kailerra is Fadedsun. I get on around 8:00-9:00 EST.

theres a character on kallera named “ninja” whom I played a few days ago

apparently he picked up vampire from his psp :sweat:

nonethaless, his game is quite developed from the average VS player who goes on kallera.