Does ANYONE play with the hulk?



If so what teams back up him well? is it even possbile to play a decent Hulk in MvC2?


Yes, a couple of people actually use Hulk.

He benefits from all the standard preferred assists (Sent-y, Capcom-b, etc) just like everybody else. His soulmate is Juggernaut(-b), though…

Mag doesn’t do very much for him, the other 3 “Big 4” are fine.

It’s possible to play an amazing Hulk in MvC2, but you’ve got to be on top of your $hit. Just like Rogue, Wolverine(s) & most every other character off the beaten path.

Check the Hulk folder - be sure to show threads “from the beginning”. Everything anybody ever had to say about him (pre-crashes) can be found there more or less.


Megaman is also a good partner; his assist lets you dash jump as you see fit, and he may have an unmashable crush DHC from an aircomboed HMM (not sure yet, though).


Did someone say Magneto doesn’t do much for Hulk? Yeah…you only get an easy 100% DHC (Mags launch, sj.Jab->Short, small pause, Strong->Fwd xx Tempest, DHC Gamma Crush, hold towards), and with Mags-B you get a safe Triple Super as well.


team steriods Jugg, Sent, Hulk worked quite well. THC would usually kill an assist. havent seen to many vids of this team in some time though.


No, he doesen’t unfortunately.


im pretty sure you can combo it off of a leaf shield air combo into beat plane into the top of the screen


well, sent drones is a great assist for everyone. it helps him because theres drones to back him up. also if your playing with sent on point, check this out for major damage

Laser xx Team super

sentinel’s HSF + hulk’s rock super + whoever = deadly damage


The crazy-dmg unmashable Crush: If done right (rock hits 2x for 1/3 dmg each time) it will kill anyone short of Sentinel, and you can DHC when Hulk hits the floor to kill Sent.
The crazy-dmg unmashable Crush is possible with:
Magneto - launch sj.Jab Short Strong Fwd xx Tempest, small pause, DHC Gamma Crush and hold towards. This is by far the easiest one.
Cammy - launch sj.Jab Short Strong, Jab Strong doublejump Jab Short Strong Fwd xx RH Cannon Drill xx Killer Bee, then right as Cammy hits them with the Killer Bee DHC to Crush and hold towards.
Psylocke - launch Jab U+RH, jump towards U+RH, jump towards U+RH xx Short Psyblade xx butterflies, when they reach the top of the screen and bounce once DHC to Crush and hold towards.
Sent - launch Jab Short Strong Fwd xx air super, on the 7th or 8th hit DHC to Crush and hold towards. Usually it only hits once though. :^(
Storm - launch Jab Short Strong Fwd airdash UF Jab Short Strong Fwd xx Lightning Attack fwd, LA up xx Lightning Storm, at the end of the super DHC to Crush and hold towards.

Also, Hulk partners extremely well with Juggernaut (as Hulk, do cr.Short-Fwd xx team super to kill anyone with only 2 levels). He also partners well with Doom (back up rushdown and provide 100% Crush combos by using Doom’s assist after a Gamma Charge), Storm (combo above, as well as using the vertical tornado for 100% Crush combos after a Gamma Charge), Thanos (100% combos like whoa), Colossus, Sent, and Magneto.

Mike Z


So I was trying to find a 3rd that works decently well with Ruby Heart. Ruby backs up Hulk pretty well, but if you have 2 levels they have one of the most damaging DHCs in the game:
(Ruby) combo to s.Fierce xx RH ghost xx HyperSchw’, Fwd3 Up3 UpFwd3 then right after the last UpFwd hit, DHC to Gamma Crush and hold Down. What should happen if you do it right is: Hulk comes in on the opposite side that Ruby started the combo from, hits once, they fall onto the ghost, then the Gamma Crush does over 120 pts of damage and the character dies.
This is the most damaging Gamma Crush DHC I’ve ever seen, including Magneto. Just the ghost and 2 supers by themselves will kill everyone except Sentinel.

Additionally, Ruby can do combo to s.Fierce+Hulk-B, Fierce chain, jump Fierce->RH land dash Fierce->RH xx HyperSchw’ for 110+ points and one super. If you start the combo with this on Sent you can easily kill him with the DHC.

As well, Hulk can use Ruby-A to keep people away or pin during rushdown; He can use Ruby-B to do 100% Crush combos (c.Short->c.Fwd, call Ruby, RH Charge xx Crush and aim down); And he can use Ruby-G to up his chip damage from normals and do 100% Crush combos without an assist.

Crossposted to Ruby thread as well. :^P
Mike Z


Perhaps. Haven’t thought of it. Please test it and get back to me.

Mike Z, I’m just throwing this out there, but I think that a good third would probably be one of the following…

Capcom, Doom [maybe], Storm-y, or Maybe Cyclops.

An interesting team that Ratio1Beatdown told me about was Strider, Hulk, Doom. I’ll have to do some research into this one to see how good it is.


I see that I’m not the only person who’s messed around with ruby\hulk combinations. All though, I feel like ruby\hulk ron is a very solid team that doesn’t need that much help. That dhc you posted up mikez is fucking amazing. I’ve been looking for that setup for a few months now. I’ve tried doing c.fp, and take them to the top of the screen from every possible angle. Doing it this way yields very random results. You can get a double crush (on top tier character sizes storm\mag\cyke etc…) but consistently speaking, you’ll only get the air crush to hit leaving hulk unsafe. Hits 100% of the time on cable sized characters however. The fatter the better for that setup in particular.

I got some shit that I’ve been saving for a low tier video but it couldn’t hurt to post it up :wgrin:


important to say that from anywhere in NJ height iirc, ruby can air throw into hulk AA, falling FP, air qcf+pp, drive it up to the top of the screen dhc gamma crush and it should kill a character if I remember it right.

hulk on dash type

call hulk, fp throw, single dash underneath them,, c.fp, ender.
on magneto sized characters**,, s.fp+hulk, qcb+fp, chain hits, c.fp, sj.fp, qcf+pp, drive character almost to the top of the screen, dhc gamma crush and hold fwd. Dead character
on mageto sized characters**

call hulk, fp throw, hulk hits after the throw, jupfwd+lk, j.fp, j.rh, qcf+pp, drive character to the near the top of the screen, dhc gamma crush and hld fwd. Dead character
on sentinel**

j.fp, dash in, s.fp, dash back in, c.fp, full SJ magic series, qcf+pp, take sentinel to the top near the top of the screen dhc gamma crush and hld fwd. Doesn’t quite kill him but it does nuke him

on cable sized characters

c.fp,,, qcf+pp, first one automatically goes fwd, drive it up and as the character reaches the top of the screen, dhc gamma crush, hld fwd. Its like 137 or something like that and this consistently hits these sized characters.


its pretty simple. Use the spike to cover shit and angles in conjunction with normals into cancels. Cancel grab\rock or even his dash move. Hulk really likes the angle ruby gives him not to mention that it can stuff other assist out as well as lock down for instant overheads,, RH tackle, then upfwd or cancel gamma crush. Easy life,, cancel grab.

You can use ruby AA to create instant overhead setups easy since her spike lasts for a while. If you land this, you can either follow it up or reset throw, falling RH, gamma charge, super AA is an example as the one above. If this hits really deep on block, you can jupfwd+lk right out of the block stun of the The push back on the move doesn’t slide him back far enough so you can overhead the character still. If it hits, use the options.

any character, c.fp, call ruby AA, sj.lp, sj.fp, sj.rh, hold fwd. You’ll hit the ground before your opponent. SJ, immediate throw as low as possible,, c.fp, call ruby AA, gamma crush and hold fwd. dead character
hulk glitch**

on cable:, c.fp, sj, sj.lp, and hold fwd.

wait till hulk is past the opponents sprite in the air, then sj.fp before you hit the ground. Hulks sj.fp should hit backwards.

You can cause 2 things to happen here.

if you continue to hld fwd, the opponents sprite will land in front of you after you land.

if you do it and go to neutral, the opponent lands behind you.

ruby\hulk dhc assist kill:

very deadly

have an AA come out on the screen, any AA will do or any other assist you catch for that matter. C.fp with ruby, cancel into ghost chest super, let the chest appear, dhc into hulk and hold fwd. Gamma crush hits, ghost hit, then follow up with, j.fp or w\e.

Doesn’t quite kill them but if you have another bar, jumpfwd+lk, qcf+kk and that should do it.


^WOW !!!

Crazy stuff.


I found some matches courtesy of BoyUzi showcasing good Hulk play:


ACK!!! Too many wild gamma crush attempts. Some of them were out and out escapable too. Only use crushes if you have assists that can set them up making them inescapable, or are utilizing solo inescapable ones. The only exception is if you have someone like Storm behind you to DHC into [zero recovery super]

dhp [1 hit] crush
Light gamma charge, crush.

BTW, There are some horrific things you can do with Magneto-Hulk.
Launch+call Hulk, sj hk, ADF, tempest, lp, lk, mp, tempest, slight pause [so shards form but not fire, don’t wait too long…], crush. Then DHC someone else in. Someone hit by this is too fucked.


Nice! Fun-to-watch vids…

Almost makes me want to fire up the DC and dust of my wack ass Spiral. :rofl:


I just remembered something.

Dashjump, lk, mk, land, dlk, dmk+Spiral-a, wait gamma charge while they’re still in hitstun, gamma crush. dead character [usually, the timing on this is tight, varies with stamina, and easy to screw up.]

jump, lk, mk, land, dlk+Spiral-y,dmk, activate crush. Ultra painful [if not deadly]


New Floating Crushes…
Sentinel-A assist.

1.]Dashjump over their head and call Sentinel-a, land, dlk. If they get hit, activate. [Memorize this timing for the next combo I mention…]. You can DHC into the same character for the kill.

2]Dashjump lk, mk, land, dlk, call Sentinel, Dmk, gamma charge, crush.
-There are 2 timings that work. One where you whiff the gamma charge, and one where you don’t. In the latter case you want the rocketpunch to hit almost immediately after the gamma charge touches them.

In either case you get that weird float into crush effect that’s almost if not utterly impossible to escape.


I play hulk,sent,Doom

Sometimes instead of Doom i use psy, Cyclops, CC, Cable


Hulk + sent or hulk+doom = mean ass shit. Hulk + IM also very mean.

I play im/hulk/doom for a team with insane dmg potential. It’s also pretty decent in the stamina dept… obviously subbing sent for IM just makes the stamina situation that much better.