Does anyone repair or know of somewhere that repairs CPS-2 boards?


I have a Street Fighter alpha 3 blue board and was wondering if anybody knows of any repair services available for dead CPS-2 boards. The battery died. :frowning: I hope I’m posting this in the right place.


Phoenix that sucker! Your only hope if the battery died.



That’s an involved process which very few people do well…

I don’t personally know who DOES revive the B-boards (the “suicide” boards that have the actual game ROM’s on them).
There was a fellow in Europe who did revive boards a few years back. Can’t remember his name.

Capcom USED to revive boards for arcade owners and people with legitimate hardware but I doubt they do this anymore. They’re more into home consoles and portable/iOS right now. I sure don’t know who stocks the parts and has the equipment to reload game code into dead boards… Gotta be somebody in Japan if it’s not Capcom anymore. Somebody has to have the spares and equipment. This is very much a grey market now.

I think there were at least 1 or 2 guys who did this in the past… It’s not something to be done lightly by people who aren’t electricians or don’t have a lot of experience handling delicate electronics. You’re much better off paying somebody with the right equipment and experience to do this.

Probably won’t be cheap, unfortunately…


There’s tonnes of people who do these, and its not expensive, you can do it yourself if you buy a eeprom burner/eraser/adaptor.

go to the super turbo forum and check the last couple pages in the cps2 supergun thread, someone offered to burn me some roms it might have been stevetren so im guessing if you ask nicely he might help you.

Edit: my bad, it was mikeidge


Thank you guys for the feedback, I keep trying to get on the CPS-2 shock home page but for some reason I can’t. Maybe my computer is to ghetto. I’m totally all in to get my board phoenixed( at least my bank account isn’t that ghetto). I will check these guys out on the super turbo forum for sure. Thank you so much. I wish I could do it myself but by the time I was done with it you might as well make the board a giant ashtray or sled.


Definitely try to get on CPS-2 Shock, if you can. He will still Phoenix dead b-boards - you just need to send him the chips.



Thank you again jdubs. I’ve been reading all about Razoola over there at CPS-2 shock. Do you happen to know off the top of your head if I’m able to send the whole board to him? I don’t mind paying for the shipping it’s just no one in this world wants to see me try and do anything electronic. I would end up on an episode of America’s funniest home videos if someone recorded it.


Yes, I’m pretty sure he’s cool with the whole board…but shoot him an e-mail to double check.



Ok, will do. Thank you again jdubs. I’m going to see if anybody is doing this on the super turbo forums also.


Cool man. Let us know how things work out!



May want to keep an eyes on these guys:
Their method of getting the games working is apparently better than the Phoenix ROMs since the Phoenix ROMs have some bugs. I’ve read there’s bad AI in Super Turbo’s Phoenix ROMset among other things.


Thank you DanAdamKOF. I did read some of what you have up there and these guys sound like a solid option. I have talked(e-mailed) to Razoola from CPS2shock and he can phoenix my board but he wants me to do the removal of the ROMs myself and send them to him. I’m leary about as he said" wiggling the old battery until it snaps off" that needs to come off before I can put the new ROMs in. I’m no electronic expert so I was hoping to find someone to do this for me since I have read that the ROMs don’t come out with the greatest of ease either. I’ll just have to do my homework and man up and do this myself. It’s probably a good thing though.


That is honestly one of the best ways I can think of to remove the battery with no technical expertise. Using a wire cutter would be better, nail clippers can work in a pinch. Old socketed chips are a nerve-wracking pain to remove though (I just recently attempted repair of an Amiga, those chips were probably untouched in the system for longer than I’ve been alive), I find wetting the legs with alcohol and of course using a good chip puller makes them come out somewhat easily.


Me personally,

If I had a dead CPS-2 board I’d still pay someone else to fix it. Yes, I’ve desoldered Hori PCB’s successfully but I’ve also had accidents where I destroyed PCB’s, too. The T5 board was the easiest to work with since the solder points (for the buttons) on it are huge and board itself seems to be more heat-resistant than the Hori FightStick and Arcana Heart 2 boards were.

Some of the CPS-2 boards are getting a bit harder to find… I wouldn’t mess with hardware I’m not familiar or something that’s becoming more limited.
Personally, I’d go after Phoenixed boards or pay to have modded boards because I don’t want to deal with stupid 3-5 year life lithium batteries.

I don’t mind changing the batteries in my old Sega Saturn consoles but then again I have memory carts that have the game saves I want to keep… It’s not as if the system self-destructs if the lithium battery that keeps the internal clock working wears out before you can replace it.

I know why Capcom made the CPS boards suicide but it’s a pain-and-a-half for newer board owners to deal with this crap…


Thanks again DanAdamKOF. As for GeorgeC you just scared the crap out of me! Why are you doing this to me?! Haha! I’m kidding but all jokes aside I had one last ditch effort and asked Razoola if He knew anybody out here in the U.S. especially in So.Cal area that does the phoenixing of the boards. That way that person still goes through Raz for the ROMs(and he gets paid) then does it for me(and then he gets paid for labor) and everybody is happy. Especially me because I have A working board again but he said he didn’t know anyone like that. I guess I’ll be watching a lot of youtube so I can learn how to do this. I’ll be taking what you say to heart though GeorgeC. Trust me I’m no expert on these CPS-2 boards.