Does anyone still have problems with the notation?

Like, if you’re using Strange and you try to use one of his projectiles and end up teleporting instead. He has so many moves I feel it’s easy to slip on them and use another by mistake.

Yes, this is easily one of the most frustrating things about Strange, getting accidental mystic swords and teleports. Most often happens when blocking or otherwise holding back, and deciding to do a QCB move. Get an accidental teleport and then your whole game is thrown off and you’re doomed.

The best solution I have for this is to completely exaggerate your inputs. For example, if you jump backwards and want to throw a flame, do like a TK half circle (632147) and you’ll get a proper QCB as you have cleared the input buffer.

The only applicable way to abuse this input inconsistency is to input forward into QCF L (6236L) very quickly. With that you get a forward dash and immediately cancel to Mystic Sword L, effectively boosting the range. It’s not practical, but if you got really good with it it could become useful. Doing a two button dash while buffering the move works too, but it doesn’t go as far since you hold down in the input.

Anyway that’s mostly worthless. Point is, just extend the input of the QCB to basically a 270 motion and you should always get your move.