Does anyone still play Last Blade 2 (or 1)

I wish there were other people around me who felt like playing it. I didn’t discover it until fairly recently and haven’t had a chance to play it as much as I would like.

Me and a friend occasionally bring out the ol’ LB2 for a crank, but it’s hardly a mainstay of our gaming sessions.
There’s just quite a few interesting characters, and some pretty cool moves.
I play speed Moriya/Setsuna, if it matters…


I do. Got to kaillera when you have the time and start a game.

i used to play lb2 but i deleted it, now that i want to play it again, the roms have disappeared. does anyone know where i can find the lb2 rom?

A friend and I are playing a lot of Last Blade 2 at the moment. I’m trying to improve my game with Speed Kojiroh. He continually wastes my ass with Power Setsuna. We had some really good matches today…

I used to play Last Blade 1 on GameTap kicking butt and taking names with Moriya. Now its not free anymore + I forgot my password.

I have “Bakumatsu Roman: Last Blade 2-in-1 (NeoGeo Online Collection the Best)” for the PS2. It’s the only PS2 port. It has an online feature but I don’t know if it would work since it’s a Japanese import and it’s a PS2 game, lol. I mean who plays PS2 games online anymore? If it does work though, I would love to play with anyone.

Last Blade 2 is the shiznit. I play it on the NeoRAGEx emulator. I haven’t played in a while so I’d forget the combos and links with the Speed meter. If they ever re-release this on the Xbox Live Arcade, I’d be on it.

I play sometimes. I play Speed Moriya in both games, mixing it up with Power Setsuna in LB2.

How is the game play on GameTap btw?

why play on game tab when ggpo is so godlike?

I play on GGPO and Kaillera, but I’ve never played on Gametap. Just curious.

i play every once ina while on GGPO. S.LEE p.kagami ex washizuka… ive learned others but that was a long time ago and is forgotten

I was playing this game a lot when I found out about it a few years ago. I still play it from time to time now.

Gametap is…the laggiest shit ever. I was young at the time, so I never heard of GGPO.

I know some of these guys still play it:

Hehe, subtle Dio.