Does anyone still play (or care) about those old fighters?

Okay, this is based on those really old fighting games for the ps that people peobably never even cared for and/or never had any tournaments for. Maybe there’s a chance a tournament or a get together would stirke up?
Allright, going way back in the past now.
Does anyone remember the WuTang fighting game? Or even Thrill Kill (even tho it never got released) ?
But moreso, what about Battle Arena Toshinden??! Has anyone even played that?
But to be really funny, who’s ever played Vs?
Here are a few others that have died out that I don’t think have been mentioned already:

Sonic the Fighters

Evil Zone

the Jurrassic Park ones

that game that was played by pressing the corresponding buttons on the ps controller as attacks (if you pressed x, a giant blue x would fly across the screen and smack your opponent as a projectile, if you hit square, a pink square would come out, etc)

Clay Fighters

any others?


Thrill kill did get released, or at least leaked because my friend had a pirate version of it. I remember one character jumped and wrapped her legs around their head, bent backwards undernieth their legs, grabbed their head with her hands and SNAP! It was a pretty grusome game, you could tell why it was banned, especialy for the time it was made.

Wutang was pretty bad too for gore. I remember a code that was in the manual to unlock the gore so younger people or pirate users couldn’t view it to its extremes. Hella fun but I never took it seriously, on the same level as wrestling games for me. I enjoyed pummeling people with that hammer, hehe, blood everywhere. Ahh, the memorys.

I see. Yeah Thrill Kill really did have some exclusive gore in it, but I didn’t know it was like THAT. I know PSM did a strategy of it way back in the day and had a ps cover sticker to come with the magazine. But what puzzled me was, Thrill Kill couldn’t be released, but a later Mortal Kombat with Quan Chi (was that 4? ) had a fatality where he ripped off someone’s apendage and smacked them with it. I know a character in Thrill Kill had something similar to that, but the thing that got me was, why ban a game with that in it, when another one that’s known for its gore was able to have a similar feature in it for one of their characters? It didnt make much sense to me.
lol But I’m a little surprised Toshinden never got any serious play–at least a little ~_~ But after playing 2 and 3 again reccently, I discovered how bad those two were, unfortunetely. (But I’m still a fan of the first one!!!)

lol and great sig, by the way. But even men can do the same to us women. Thankfully not all of them tho ^^
Oh and does your friend still have that version of Thrill Kill?

I thought Thrill kill had way more fuckin’ gore than MK would ever had.
There are 3 versions of it, but I’ve only played the 2nd version and some of version 3 (I knew a friend of mine who played version 1, or so I’m guessing it was version 1. I read that shit somewhere on the internet that there was in fact a version 1 so I assumed…).

1st version was uncomplete, missing endings and characters.

2nd version was complete, had all endings, all specials, and all characters.

3rd version was complete, but many things were edited and some specials were completely changed (I forget this small guy on stilts(?), his special was taken out completely. And how that one chic would touch her self as tho she was masterbaiting, they changed that as well).

The game was kind of retarded tho, it was only fun with 4 people. I was about to get about $200 for that game.
Overall, finding v2 of that game is nearly impossible seeing as how only about 200 copies were leaked. For some odd reason v1 and v3 are considered bootlegs, really odd.

Evil Zone was pure crap, I can’t even get people to buy that game off me for 50 cents. Fuckin’ 2 button piece of shit game. That fuckin’ little girl is broken, OMG!!!


lol, that game made me laugh.
“What?! What you say?! No one messes with the Wutang clan!!”

I looveedd Thrill Kill, wish it got released. XD

And Wu Tang owned, I found a Method Man infinite in that game. :lol:

Evil Zone was pure crap, I can’t even get people to buy that game off me for 50 cents. Fuckin’ 2 button piece of shit game. That fuckin’ little girl is broken, OMG!!!QUOTE]
Yeah Kakurine was broken and has gotten on many peoples’ nerves, but the game was innovative for it’s time. I mean, the artwork was good and for the fact that there were even the tiniest anime details that gave it more flare, like the entire storymode episode set-ups, the loosening of the hair when a character with tied back hair was hit enough (Erel for example) and the look and innovations of some of the attacks, like rushing towards a stunned opponent and they either dodged the rush or got hit by it in a very fashionable anime way.
But as for serious gameplay, there was a lot to get mixed up with in the game since it was only two buttons ~_~ It was a good idea at the time and a nice change for a fighter and it WAS playable, just frustrating at times. But now that I think about it, it wasn’t meant for tournament play I guess since the directions were easy to get confused with another one. Oh well. It was still a fun game for a long while, but much better when all the secrets are collected tho. I actually bought that game again just to have it.
Now if I can just find Rival Schools----

I remember Evil Zone. It was a laugh for a while, but wasn’t really a classic. I always liked being Galley, or whatever the big guy with the zweihander was called. My friend who had the game was really good at it. Can’t remember if he had a favourite char or not. Anyway, i don’t think it was tournament worthy though.

>_< Yeah but too bad. The game did have some great memories tho. But again, there are tournaments for Shaq Fu still going on so–that kind of gives hope for a ‘dead game’ doesn’t it? And speaking about Shaq Fu, Eternal Champions come to mind. To me, it was a rip off of MK—a bad one but hey. The cover art was cool. I forgot how good or bad the game played, in comparison to MK’s usual stiffness, but I think it was overall bad.

I lol’d @ Shaq Fu and the ability of mad keep away with that voodoo chic.

played wutang, thrill kill, toshinden, VS, evil zone.

i made it a habit to get almost any fighter for a while.

of those you names thrill kill and evil zone are really good.

what about:
Star wars: masters of teras kasi
Psychic Force (Best sleeper hit of all time. I still love that game. pick it up if you can find it)
Fighters Impact
Kensai: sacred fist
Iron and Blood (i think thats the name, DnD Ravenloft Fighting game)
all the toshinden sequals
bushido blade

thats all I can think of off the top of my head, I’ll see what else I have when I get home.
I really liked games like destrega/psychic force/evil zone where they are uber balanced and everyone plays very similarly. then its more like chess where you start out the same and it relies on skill. no characters were just flat-out “better” than other characters in those games.

Fighters on that list that still worth play:

Tobal #1
Bushido Blade

Surprised noone mentioned Zero Divide!

Cyberbots: full metal madness
Primal Rage

There is anoter dinosaur fighter that I like a lot, I think it was called Dinorex, or something like that. That game was/is a lot of fun too.

aduno about all these games, but i was playing world heroes and power instinct the other day…

World heroes perfect is a cool game…but Power Instict Matrimelee is just weird…the fucking dog creeps me out.

I think I had Evil Zone…is there a guy in a blue suit called Danzaiver? And an anime chick on the front?

If that was it I bought it at a place called Meijers for like $5 a few years back.

Yeah, that Danzibar looked like a power ranger! I loved evil zone coz it was just so un-broken but smashed beyond repair at the same time, with that 2 button control system. It didnt matter what character you chose cos they were all of level abilities, they way they were animated being the only way to distinguish who you were using. The only tier i could think of is that boss bird with the wings… ihadurka or something. For its time i will always say that it was visually stunning even if the actual gameplay was pants.

What was that game on the amiga… it had a police woman with tonfas, a guy with skates and was based around whoever did their special move last won the trade off?

I was playing Tuff E Nuff on the SNES the other day…damn, the SNES was just FILLED with random fighters back in the day.

For the record, I think Tuff E Nuff was pretty stereotyped, even by the day…it had the Ryu/Ken characters (Syoh and Zazi), it had the ‘quick yet weak female’ (Kotono), the ‘strong yet slow big guy’ (Vortz), and an array of pretty uninteresting bosses.

I was starting to think “:confused: What Jurassic Park fighting game?”, and then I finally clicked that it was Primal Rage. :xeye:

Wasn’t there a Jurassic Park fighting game by dreamworks for ps1? I seem to remember reading the review for it many a year ago in EGM.

Wow, someone else actually has this game? I’m shocked.

Unfortunately no, he sold it with his ps1 years ago, I just remember playing it. Seeing as it was a pirate I’d probably say it was v1 because it was fucking sick, I mean, really twisted for the time it came out. Oh, and I think the reason it was banned over other games was because of its realistic themes. MK games are based on heavy fiction and fantasy, making it more suitable for the market.

Did anyone ever play astra superstars on the saturn? I’ve seen it reviewed and pics on the net for agaes, but never had a chance to try it, nor see it in action. It seems interesting how you can dash over and under your oponent. I don’t know, it just looks a really fun fighter.