Does anyone still play Tekken 5?

I want to get into Tekken 5 but I don’t have a PS3 to buy Tekken 5 DR. So I was wondering is normal Tekken 5 still played alot?

  1. No one plays T5 anymore, it’s all about DR

  2. Join the site gridman posted, my name is okizeme on it if you want to talk to me there

If they don’t have a PS3, PSP or an arcade with consistent means to get there.

Could you train using normal Tekken 5? Or are the differences just a bit to much?

I mean going to an arcade to get good at a game or buying a PS3 are to hard things :stuck_out_tongue:

The differences are fairly big between the two. T5 would be a good starting point, but you’ll have to move onto DR at some point in time for two reasons. 1) Because no one plays T5 anymore, and 2) you have to learn all the new DR shit.

theres alot of nerfs from 5 to DR
pretty much everything players identified as broken was nerfed
lol shitty game anyway

but ur marduk was top tier :confused:

I used to play it, thinking they improved the gameplay from the previous 4 iterations, but they didn’t.Just move on to a better 3D fighting game,VF5.