Does Anyone Still Playing Alpha 3?

Does Anyone Still Play Alpha 3?

I got the 15th Anniversary 6 botton controllers and now that I’ve played SFII and 3rd Stike in 6 button glorry, I can’t go back to other controllers when I play SFII. I was wanting to play SFA3 with these controllers but I’ve no clue where my SFA3 disc went. So I’m gonna have to buy a new copy. They have GH verisons at Circuit City for $14.99 so I’ll pick it up when I buy Tekken 4.

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone still played A3. IMO it is still one of the best fighting games ever made. I’m surprised it isn’t at Evo anymore yet SSFII: Turbo is.

A2 >>>>> A3


Why don’t you elaborate on that?

I’d like to hear more myself. I’ve played A2 and while I think it is a great game, I still think A3 is far better. I wasn’t very fond of the custom combo system in A2 and A3 not only has a bigger roster but variable ISMs for more indepth play.

never! :stuck_out_tongue:

A3 was a very popular game, but arcade boards are curiously hard to find.

Yeah there are people who still play it, but there are only a couple U.S. tournaments which host it, as the player base is nowhere near as large as it used to be. Sorta like XSF or ST (though the difference is that ST has been kept alive by the tourney scene and has actually become MORE popular, as it wasn’t everybody’s favorite game when it first came out).

A2 is okay. People remember it being better than it was, I think.

I still play A3 whenever I can.



Ah, I see. That sucks. A3 is easily my fav Alpha game and quite possibly, my fav SF game. (The only games that could come close to matching it as my fav SF games would be 3rd Stike and SFII: Turbo). I’ve never really played SF games in the arcades. The arcade scene in my area is nearly non-existent. I know some elitists may bag on me but I love my home versions of SF titles. Some of the most competitive gaming sesions I’ve ever had have been with Alpha 3 in my living room.

A3 on console is someones favourite game? dont think ill ever here that one again lol

Without a doubt, Street Fighter Zero 3 on the Saturn is my favorite game of all-time.
There, you just heard it again…

You’re not the only one that still has love for A3 Reggie. I didn’t care for the CC’s in A2 either, and the larger roster and addition of ISM’s make A3 a no-brainer for me. The only things I liked better in A2 were the Alpha Counters (in a way), and some of the backgrounds, particularly the Sagat/Ryu special background. Beyond those 2 minor quibbles, I really feel that A3 is better in every other way.

I still play A3 at least once a week.

A bigger roster doesn’t make it better. And for some, the Ism selection is why it isn’t as good. You don’t have all your moves all the time.

A2 >>>> A3

A3 is one of my favorite all time SF-games, I still play quite frequently next to 3rd Strike & HSF2:AE

Alpha 3 for evo!

I’ve played Alpha 3 since it first came out in 1998 for Japan PSX, I don’t really play it seriously anymore, since there isnt really much serious comp anymore. My A-Bison is usually enough for most players.
I downloaded the 1998 Japan Nationals the other day, man Daigo looks so young back then lol And there was an A-Bison player in every regional qualifier! And how come you never see a Balrog in A3 apart from Apoc’s??

A3 is still my traditional favorite fighter next to CVS2. I think what destroyed the game’s popularity was the fighting game purists.

“OMFG Zangief’s Energy Ass Grab on PSX has 4 more startup frames than in the arcade. This ruined the game for me I’m not playing this shit!!!1!!11!!!” :mad:

If people actually started playing a version and just learning the “new” intricaties it’d probably revive.

A2 had good presentation and some of the best endings in the series but it had horrid game play. Seriously activate CC: Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick KO!!! I mean that was just ridiculous.

I was glad I saw some A3 being played at my local tourney!:bgrin:

I was playing A3 the other day, and it’s just as fun as it was back when it was still in the arcades. I miss playing that game in ther near by arcades, but now all that is being played there is Tekken 5(which is awesome so that’s ok). A3 for life…(wonder if they will ever make A4…)

heh i wasnt trying to be a smartass and say that A3 on console sucks, i dont even play the game, but i remeber another thread i read and everyone was saying how bad the console version is and its not worth playing etc etc…

Hell yeah, I still play Alpha 3.

With Kaillera around you can get your SFA3 fix ANY fuckin’ time.

Muskau: I still have videos of Daigo’s first visit to the USA for a A3 tournament. my favorite had to be Daigo (A-Guy) vs. Alex Valle (V-Rolento).