Does Anyone think they should change the super bars for UMVC3?

Instead of the Life Bars right now ???


It looks a little to dull to me.

I hate all of the new bars(Life & health) when the first debut travel for UMvC3 was released but now the new look has actually come to grow on me even the Xfactor indicator looks great now imo. The only thing I don’t like is the complete darkness of your character when XF is activated, I mean wtf why!?!?!?

Does it really matter that much?
Answer: No.

yeah I would like a change, I imagine in person or in big high resolution video it’s a non issue, but in most of the video’s I’ve seen it is very difficult to see the health bar’s of the assist characters. It’s a small issue but it would be a little bit inconvenient for watching streams.

They’ve brightened the assist bars considerably. You could probably see it even in low-res video.

personally I see nothing wrong with them.

Is there something wrong with them?

ohhh… cool then :slight_smile: and my bad, so brain dead I didn’t even notice this was about super bars and not life bar’s…

yeah I have no issue with the super bars.

i can deal with the life bars, but the super bars need to change, they can keep them on vita tho

i actually like the look of the new hyper bars. the issue i have with the life bars is that the assist 2 is at the top and 1 is at the bottom. that is fucking well confusing. you can even see Seth K calls the wrong characters sometimes during his demonstrations of new characters. that is not a sign of a well designed HUD.

i would prefer they went back to arranging them as they are in MvC3, point character at the top, and both assists underneath. everything else can stay the same.

Meh, looks fine to me. I don’t really like how your character looks when X-Factor is activated, but that’s not really a problem with the meter.