Does anyone use At&T's U-verse?


I’m having my dsl switched over to their 12 mbps + tv. Since the tv part apparently uses the internet, does having multiple tvs connected affect your connection for gaming? Also looking for some feedback on the service stability.


How many tvs? hd or sd? If you have HD tv it usually takes up to 3mbps and if you have SD tv that takes up to 1.5mbps. You get sent to you 24mbps. So you should be fine if you’re using the 12mpbs, assuming you have 4 or less tvs in use. Hope this helps.


I’m going to be using 2 tvs with sd signals right now. Sounds like I should be good. I just hope it’s more stable than my dsl.


2 sd tvs, you definitely good with the 12mbps. I know the price for the 12 mpbs is changing so make sure you get the new price ($45) when it available, not sure if it is yet.


Yeah, that’s the price I was quoted. Thanks for the info.


Hope you’re in an area with good connections - and more importantly, decent wiring in your building. I’ve got U-verse in my apartment building, and for some unexplained reason, it goes through “fits” - it’ll be fine for a couple of months, and then I’ll go through a 2-3 week period (like right now) where it’ll drop CONSTANTLY. I mean like, every 5 minutes for several hours or even days on end. It’s frustrating as hell, and the U-verse techs can’t seem to figure out the problem, other than that it might have something to do with the phone lines in my building.


I herd it was decent. The channels change quickly, and the internet is okay (even better, one of the packages comes with Usenet).

That’s what I’ve heard from reviews. Most of the people I know with U-Verse complain about the iffy internet and the so-so DVR.