Does anyone use this?

Knockdown the opponent and then do a standing jumping FB, and when you land time a demon flip so you land on top of the other player when the FB hits, since the opponent would be blocking the FB he is open for a grab, you grab him in time with the fireball and get the throw.

I’ve been using this over the last few days and finding it working quite well.

Forgive me if this is a scrub tactic or anything but I’ve not seen it used before.:confused:

Which is it, standing or jumping? lulz.

But really, I understand what you’re saying, but if they’re in hitstun you wouldn’t be able to grab and throw them. So either you’re demonflip grabbing before the fireball hits (which is reversible) or you’re doing it after the hit/block recovery of the air fireball, which is still punishable. It’s still not a bad tactic, just throwing that out there.

i meant vertical jump haha.

and yes i mean in the hit/block recovery, because most peoples reaction would be to block the fireball so timed correctly it should give you a window to throw them via demon flip

I do that all the time (with Gouken), the fireball lets you get on top of them relatively safely and once you’re there Shoryukens and the likes can’t do anything.

Sometimes after a throw, I will do a forward jump lp air fb. The fb lands right at the tip of their foot, but still wiffs, then I throw them again. It looks like the fb will hit so they block, but it whiffs, it’s like a tick throw.

Also, if I have someone(with poor wake up reversal options) in the corner, after a throw, I neutral jump lp air fb -> demonflip throw. I then repeat it again but I might mix up a mk divekick to cross them up. Akuma’s corner game is scary.

On a good player this will work maybe once or twice. But after that, they’ll start to catch on and punish you for it, so you shouldn’t abuse this demon throw setup too much in a match.

Interesting, may try that. Another which I use often is jump towards with air fireballs then F+MP on landing. Most people will instinctively block high when you jump in then block low ready for the sweep after. If they do block low then the over hand chop will be good for two hits. Handy when you mix it up with throws and fireballs.

Well if what loyalsol (?) found out about demon flip throwing shotos out of reversal uppercut is practical maybe it will be used more in the future?

Another way to catch them by surprise with a throw is:

After a throw, immediately jump towards them and throw a HP zanku at them on descent. As soon as you land, do HK Demon Flip. It will look like you are flipping over them, but blocking the Zanku will knock them back right into your DF throw range a few frames after they come out of blockstun. If they don’t block the fireball, facepalm will combo into the fireball and knock them down.

It’s not safe because they can reversal SRK, but it works as a surprise move.

Only a few chars can reversal this, I actually find it is quite viable on the remainder of the cast. Although it’s reversable, it cannot be interrupted without an invincible type move, so if they don’t have that, it’s a good way to get frame advantage (DF palm gives a hefty frame advantage, enough to make your next move non-reversible). This leads to other mixups and pressure.

Although, against those same chars, I find the payoff for walking up to meaty jumpin/crossup tatsu mixup is usually better. It’s always good to mix things up and use different setups though, to keep your opponent from getting mentally comfortable.

neutral air fb-> demon flip palm, one of my favorite wake up games.

I like using this as a corner mixup. After a backthrow into the corner, immediately neutral jump and throw out a lp air fireball. Follow that with:

  1. lk demon flip + dive kick
  2. pause for a tick - lk demon flip + throw (the pause to account for block stun)
  3. mk demon flip + palm strike (whiff over them), into a combo
  4. mk demon flip + palm strike (whiff over them), super

Classic Third Strike tactic. I had some good times with that. I was facing a guy multiple times and did that and he eventually caught on and so he parried the overhead and then I immediately demoned.

Useful on some chars, but beware some others. For example shotos can EX reversal srk through both your fb and your demon flip attack.

The benefit to meaty air fb on cornered people is you can time it so you land from it before they get up, but the fb is still on the way down to hit them meaty. Thus, you can wait for them to block, and still be able to followup. But if they reversal, you can block it and punish. That’s why you see the majority of the time people just walk in after the air fb.

Its my understanding an EX-SRK will smash through an air fireball used to pin opponents to the ground on start-up quite effortlessly suggesting you’d perhaps do well to be wary about using it against a stocked Ryu, Ken, Akuma and possibly Sagat.

Anyone able to clarify this? I’m new to Akuma and one of my focuses right is identifying ways in which to avoid taking damage.

EX Shoryu has invincibility all the way to the top. But if you are fireballing on your way down (as you usually should) it won’t hit you (at least at the mp air fireball range) so you get a free punish.

hmm i never thought about using this before. thanks for the suggestion. im pretty damn sure this will be useful against turtles.

i also use this tactic for corner pressure, while mixing up my demon flips, and/or mixing it up wit a sweep or chop