Does anyone use TK Dive Kicks

I spent some time practicing the TK Dive Kick motion yesterday. Took a little bit but I got it now. Not great by any means, but I can pull it off. It’s a bit different than Cammy’s, as most of you already know.

I’m having trouble working it into my play style though. I use it once every few matches when playing a Fireball character, because I use the air DK to punish fireballs from distance. They get used to it hitting high, and don’t expect it from close range and to hit low. But really, I can’t seem to fit it in to my game. Does anyone use this semi/regularly? How exactly?

Thanks for the help!

Works good with U2 iirc

I dont TK it. I go up-forward, neutral, qcb. I could never get the motion down…but I like it alot.

I use it vs people who try and come at me low. Rose for an example…if i see a strong with no spiral, i’ll jump back dive kick.

Works great when you see people attacking low a lot after a string., lk, lk (opponent hits xx fireball)., lk, lk, UB - QCB + lk > lk pinwheel.

Thats just me though…you gotta see it coming really. I use it in footsies really. When I know they’ll go low I throw it out.

I use it sparingly in footsies to catch the opponent off guard. I also use it sparingly on my opponent’s wakeup to catch some crouch techs and armored counters like Gouken’s and Dudley’s.

But for the most part. When I’m dive kicking I’m not paying attention. Heh. It’s a bad habit of mine. I try and make it safe but I’m throw bait because I’m just blocking heh.

Interesting…thanks for the info mates. Does it matter which kick you use? I’ve not noticed any difference, since you don’t get off the ground enough to have a steep/wide trajectory. Are their any properties of the three that would make a difference when TK’ing them, or does it not matter?

Also, if anyone could provide video of them using this technique in match, I’d really appreciate it! Would love to see how you guys work it in.

I lost a match to a B+ Sagat player by one normal hit last night because I just BARLEY missed the BnB AA combo ( -> ->EX Pinwheel). I hit the two’s, but for some reason Sagat hit the ground like a frame or 2 before I pulled out my EX Pinweel. I need to watch the replay and figure out what happened. Does that combo not work on Sagat? I very rarely play against Sagat online, so this is the only time I’ve ever pulled that juggle out on one.

Juri is such a fun character to play. I’ve maimed Cammy and Sagat since Super Turbo, and now I barely play them. Gonna take my Juri to Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament in Chicago, and get me ass whooped. It’ll be fun though.

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

-Casey - Nihl

@ Casey

when doing her juggles, it usually makes it easier (and more damaging iirc) if you do,, > EX pin / lk pin. I cant think of a time when you should use EX fireball instead of EX pin honestly…EX fireball will always do less damage. Just sayin.

also i know this is a little off topic, and its a combo thats most likely been known for a while…I know IVE been using it for quite some time… I just thought it might be fun to share a combo with a little flash.

basically its this: > xx EX Divekick > U1 > xx EX pin.

it does like 340 or 380 damage…i think its 380…i dont remember atm. Either way, it looks kinda flashy and all because you keep the opponent airborne for so long lol. Its probably not the most practical combo ever since you waste two bars, but hey, it looks neat ;D and you get a free, completely safe FSE activation on top of it.

anyways ill stop ranting now.

  • K1 <3

Thank you for the reply K1.

So, you’re using a cl.s.hp after the two to hit confirm the Pinwheel? Would have won me that game, hah.

I use U2, really not a FSE fan myself. Prefer to set up combos with U2. But really, I don’t use her Ultra too much. I’ll EX Dive Kick it sometimes if I get the set up.

U1 is her better ultra hands down. You should spend time with it and get a feel for it.

About j strong, j strong, ex dive. I say skip it or learn it. I don’t like it. Too fickle. One of those things with a hair and a millisecond you could drop it based on height. Hard to land (although beaM has it down).

I prefer j strong j strong scfierce ex pin.

I prefer j strong > fuhajin store.

If you’re using ultra 2 prepare to base your gameplay around that ultra. No thanks for me. Heh.

The only time I use Shikusen out of a j.MP juggle is if I hit the opponent in the descent of my jump. Cancelling directly into it is too much of a pain to get right.

umm im not exactly sure what TK stands for but from reading im assuming ur talking about the instant dive kick …

the way i like using it is by baiting … il give u an example
u go … cl.LK cl.LK kara throw
then when u get the chance … u do the exact same thing …
so they’re kinda conditioned now
the 3rd time u go for it … i would do … cl.LK cl.LK instant dive kick … sometimes if i feel like i conditioned the opponent enough i might go for EX dive into ultra 2 …

but i wouldnt use it in any other situations … dive kicks arent exactly safe unless u hit them really low and even then … an opponent with a far poke can go for a punish sometimes …

i put it in an example in my mixup vid … as another option in playing mind games with throws

I like doing it when playing footsies. Like. Ryu. They like to dance back and forth and go cmk. I like to tag it. Space it right you should be fine

And empcow, it stands for tiger knee.

Kali, the combo I was talking about before is j.strong punch->j.strong punch->EX Pinwheel, not j.sp->j.sp->Dive Kicks

Oh. My fault. How’d I miss that? Lol.

You’re dropping that?!

Use a schp before the pin. It’s safer. Heh. And use ex fuhajin in the corner. Keeps them there and won’t whiff

Haha, it’s all good man.

Idk how it happened! I only dropped it one time. Just that game. I would have won if I hadn’t missed the combo. I was SO mad.

Yea. I don’t like that combo. Also. Easier to hit supers off the jstrong, jstrong, schp combo. Looks cool too.

I did that combo for the first time last night actually! It was epic. I don’t usually use supers, since I use my EX moves more. But I had saved it up and went for that one, and won the match easy after landing it. Was great.

By round 2 you should have enough for a super. If not, you’re using way too much meter…lol. You shouldnt be ex pinwheeling that much, not countering that much.

Juri earns meter REALLY fast

I usually have a Super by round 2. Juri builds meter quick, especially if you use fireball store.

Sorry for “digging up the tomb”

I saw the clip of Vulcan Hades about Instant dive kick

However, I cannot do the instant dive kick well. Juri usually do spin wheel or jumping back. I don’t know why. Is there any tip and should I hold the up button when doing instant dive kick ?