Does anyone want to kick it at EvL2k3?

I just made this thread for peeps to meet me and my crew and hang out…get some casual matches in…maybe a few drinks…whatever…And for all others to criss cross and meet homies that they always talk to or wanted to…Holla back…


Hopefully Fritz and I can make it to EVO. Some casual with other northwest comp would be great. I will post for you Dr B if we are able to make it this summer.

You know who to cum fo brawds, greens, and beverages. Holla.

Yo B, Sounds like fun. I’m down to get a little party going. AZ guys are going for sho.

Yo, Dr. B. i’d like to kick it with you and your crew. i’ve kinda respected you and your skillz. i’d be glad to meet you. My name’s Ace.

I might be going with Ace, my name is Darl, If I go, id love to kick it with you guys! Peace out.

I wouldn’t mind meeting u and getting in a few casual matches.

get a hotel room, some females, some games, some drinks, and bust that shit out.

My name is martin, but people call me Ray

maybe ill see you

I’m down to chill with everyone…we’ll just keep posting or pm me too merge up at EvL…It should be a fun time…I look forward to seeing many old faces and alot of new ones…


Me and WolfyXXX are gonna suck at Evo cause i think we are gonna drink during the entire time. you know why? cause we’re stupid like that.

Crown and coke baby!

Yeah B, I’d really like to go up there myself and go casual with you even if I’m not registered for a tourney. And chances are likely once my bro gets back. It’d be interesting to be there just to see how well you do against everyone else. You planning on taking S-Groove with you or are you gonna stick with C? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m making a request to a DJ or anything. Just wonderin’. Whomping my ass with S is good enough.


y0, Dr.B… we’re prolly gonna have like a WHOLE LOAD of ppl from the NW this year… with the 3D games, I’ll hopefully even be going this time around (not that they’re the only thing I play, I’m just comparatively much better at Tekken than I am at 2D games).

Anywho, it would be kew to kick it and game it up if I can make it down. I’ll letcha kno later if I can make it for sure.


sup B

Sup B…I;m the only one from my area going…who are you boarding with? Also, Id like to meet the Seattle guys. Ive played them before, but, never really got a chance to talk to them. They seem cool from what I hear.

i dont have any friend’s who play “street fighter” and im going there by my self, i would be happy to meet some of you down there and maybe hang out or something my name is cesar and i play super turbo MvC2(i suck at MvC2) and third strike and alpha 3 but they took that out:lame: .there are some people who play MvC2 at the arcade in my town that i think are really good and should go but probaly wont, this is will be my 3 third toureny ever, one MvC2 and one soul one in my town play’s super turbo and third strike seriously.LATER’S:)


Impulsze,Murakumo: Sounds all good…Holla back soon so we can meet up…Jhammar PM me…about planning…

-B. :cool:

GF2: We need to meet sometime in Newark just pm me too…To all the other folks peace…

NW Players: I wanna see all the Portland and Wshington players at EvL…we all need to go out one of the nights that we are there.

Pac-North: I’ll be kickin with hella players from our region anyways but I want to introduce many of you to the players from P.O and what not…

Pac-South: Peace to Rob Ingrim…ZuggZugg…Potter,Jason Cole,SooMighty,and the rest of the flip mode squad…I’m sure we’ll get some casual in…and alot of good times…

The Rest of the Damn Nation: See u guys there…This year’s tourney will be off the hook…


yeah Im goin 4 sure… maybe one of my homies… and most likely not but maybe my old lady… (she’d be bored as helll) but were gonna party hard… reppin from Htown, to Ark, now in Tenn… gonna bring the DC and Mas’s and shit…

I am pretty sure I’m going to this, even though I am just a normal average player.

I already live in SoCal, just a few hours from LA, and would really like to get to know some people down here. Like the previous guy, I could bring my DC too. =p

So if anybody wants to get to know me beforehand, just message me on AIM. Screename is ZephyrinKA