Does anything chain after Sekku outside U1?



So yeah, my question. Does Sekku allow for some follow up punches/kicks/specials/ultras?

I’m not sure if it’s possible. But my timing might be off so I’d like some input anyway. I’m well aware you can follow up after Sekku hits with U1 active, but I’m looking for something outside of U1 since I prefer U2.
Sekku is a great tool against turtle players, but it’s damage output is low and I was wondering if there’s anything I can do after it.


If you can get a counter hit sekku then you can follow up with close mp or close lk and then cancel off of those into pinwheel or release a lk fireball fadc into ultra. Getting that counter hit is hard though.


On wake up, yes. (Causes you to hit later)

I can’t find the video someone linked me, but do a sekku on someone’s wake up at the very last moment and you can combo into

Btw, this is super unsafe due to how slow it is. Only do it to completely mind-fucked players who don’t want to do anything on wake up. Good players will react with reversals.


i believe without counter hit the only option is and i think its a 1f link too, not worth it imo


The answer is no. CH sekku is character and spacing specific.


Nevermind! Only works on dummies, doesn’t work against players.


Sekku is +2 on hit and / both have 3f of startup. You need a counter hit to link it. Since sekku is a medium kick, on CH it gives additional +2. 1 frame link, plink and it will work.
But like Lion_Jak said, you need the opponant to hit a button and you also need to do the sekku in their face or you will be too far to followup. And far lk / far mp aren’t 3 frames.

So I’m afraid Ramma is right, I was messing yesterday with crouching Abel in training and it wasn’t possible to get a close lk/mp after the sekku.

iamPowPow, that video was deleted, because you have to meaty on the last active frame of the sekku. And the timing changes depending on crouching/standing plus it’s character specific.

You have more chance to frametrap after a sekku on HIT, but you will have to condition the opponant to press a button. But the -2 on block and the fact to be in their face, can’t press something


The worst thing about sekku is the 0 on block. I tend to find that I don’t space my sekku correctly in FSE mix-ups and have to tech a throw after FSE every time which gives my opponent time to breath and react. I’ve tried so often to use or ck.hp to anti-grab but that doesn’t work.

I also tend to find that sometimes my input it too slow and I get grabbed which screws over my FSE completely.