Does anything need doing on the Seth forum?

I can lend a hand with updated OPs, merging threads, deleting double posts, locking useless threads etc. Just let me know what you want done in this thread and I’ll try to help. If you could provide links and examples that would be great aswell.

plz lock this thread, it’s useless


Lol enjoy your infraction Zeekin. I’m a new mod here to help and you are trolling me. Thats against the rules sorry.

If anybody wants any help around the forum post here or PM me thanks. I’m covering the Ryu - Zangief section(not strictly). Us mods have split the boards between us.

Announcements - Seth


Please stop doing that Yunghove. You are adding posts with zero value and if you do it again it also counts as spam. Can’t you guys be helpful like the people on the Vega, Hawk & Sakura forum?


We have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done. The matchup thread is Vanilla, and is probably the biggest thing that needs to be changed.

The matchup thread definitely needs to be updated, but I doubt anyone wants to talk about matchups again or search the thread for info. We usually just ask each other about matchups because there’s only a handful of Seths.

A subforum for eatch matchup (like on Dustloop) might be a better idea than having a single thread with info on 35+ matchups.

I think that putting links to videos on the front page of the video thread would be helpful. We could do something like this ? -12 Video Compilation Thread.

Oh wow their vBulletin 4 looks awesome! Yeah I can help you guys with that but unfortunately I will be needing links to posts and videos. There is no rush anyway. Holla when you need a mod and we can update an OP or something.

This thread is lol worthy

When i first came to the seth section, i wanted to know basic tactics to playing seth, u should sticky a thread like that if some1 made one.

Except…there is one?

Wow, could u plz stop the sarcasim, its mean, and hurtful.

I was thinking of something like, basic tactics on how to get in, and wat to do when in, should i go for allot of cross ups or should i tandin them on wake up, when is the best time to throw tandem. when i lightning legs should i wall jump or should i use tele more, wats the best way to escape when im waking up…

I know allot of these answers now, but a thread with these tips or opinioms would be a great help still.

If I was being sarcastic, I would go, “Oh, of course there isn’t one. You sure do have eyes.” I was being upfront with you. Don’t get butthurt.

You could always ask here. (See? Sarcasm-free.)

Well perhaps if people like you made the sort of threads you are asking for and kept them updated then lol worthy threads made by mods asking if you need any help would not be required.

Now your just proving how cool u r, i get it, u r smart clevaaar guy, u sure showed meh

Needs people to seriously start making videos explaining seths attributes and concepts. I remember Ultradavids How to Q was waaaaayyyy better than anything i found on the Q forum.

More organized OPs as in keep the topic maintained and updated. Seriously, more effort is put into the terrible one liners than actually maintaining the actual topic. This is a problem throughout the whole site though.

I can help with the OPs. Just show me what posts you want added as quotes or spoilers to the first posts.

Not trying to be a dick or anything, but honestly nothing really needs to be done to the Seth Forums. You can count all the Seth players who frequent here with 2 hands, so we usually just ask each other, and when other people ask stuff, they’re usually gone the next day. Plus, I don’t think anyone here really wants to put that much time into telling you what to do.

Also, why have a mod who doesn’t even play the character? Makes no sense at all.