Does aspect ratio effect the gameplay (wallbounces and such)

Been playing on a 16:9 screen for a while, and noticed when I set my Wii to 4:3 that the game also went into that ratio. I know that in SF4 the camera is zoomed out a bit to compensate, but it didn’t look like it in TvC. So, would it affect how certain aspects of the game perform in these modes?

According to [media=youtube]35SHdwaM1iU#t=0m56s"[/media], yes. However, the version being played is clearly CGoH, so obviously these kinds of problems could have been fixed for the release of UAS. If not… I wonder what would happen if a person using 4:3 played a person using a 16:9 aspect ratio online.

I’d also like to know, for the US version

From what I’ve noticed, wallbounces don’t go full screen, which makes the aspect ratio difference harder to differentiate.

Of course, I don’t even have the game yet. I’m only going by observation.

It did in the Japanese one, but I heard they fixed it in the US version so that on widescreen, wallbounces don’t go the full length.

I certainly hope there are no changes to gameplay. I only practice on my CRT so if a tourney uses widescreen monitors that might screw me over.