Does Byrdo still make arcade sticks?


Does Anyone know if byrdo still makes arcade sticks?


Are you shy about asking brydo?: rofl: then


I sent an email to him about 4 months ago, stating I had about $350 to spend on a custom. No reply.

Take it as you will though.


:sweat: i don’t know…bye!


As far as i know he still does, although he been busy lately, with Non joystick stuff. He generally answers emails quickly and he is a really cool guy.
But like I said he does other things too, so he might not have time or feel like it now, which is completely up to him.



When I was looking for a stick I tried to send him an email like 4 times, each one week apart. None of them got a reply.

That was kinda gay.


At least you saved money.


I thought he stopped taking orders long ago. Now he just makes sticks when he has the time and posts them here for people to buy.


haha word


A lot of money :slight_smile:


he does sticks at his own pace

i dont think ive ever seen him do a custom


He does still take custom orders i think, i got my custom made a couple of weeks back, he kept in contact with me every few days, and the end result was fantastic, i loved it. Last time i spoke to him he said he was very busy so he has not had a chance to update his site.

Here’s the custom he made for me if anyone is interested anyway:

I know its similar to the other OG one he made, but i really liked that alot, so i just wanted it like that (just a few differences).


thats white on white looks sick, does he use ps1 pcbs in his custom sticks or what?


That’s the only way to go if you want a PS2 stick since Dual Shock 2 PCBs aren’t as easy to work with.


There are more custom stick builders than Byrdo. Or just keep an eye out on Ebay. HRAP 2’s are on there sporadically. You have a HRAP 3 inc anyhow, right?


I sure hope so! I just emailed him recently :confused: I have 300 bucks with his name on it (or whomever else could make a stick of comparable quality.

I’ve seen a few other names thrown around like Dreaded Fist and Kaytrim. Are any of those guys still at it?


Your first post and willing to spend $300 on an arcade stick. Good man.


Lol :rofl:


Heh. I never like to settle. It was the CPS3 decryption that got me back into the arcade scene. Its just not as fun as I remember it though - I blame this 360 pad. :wgrin:


Arcade In a Box 360 sticks are awesome, not to mention customer support. Ditch that pad! He is also supposed to be making PS2, DS and PS3 sticks soon as well.