Does Capcom do SNK better than SNK?

I’ve actually tried to get into KOF since playing CvS but the weird thing is the characters in KOF and other SNK games feel nothing like the same characters in CvS.

Has anybody noticed that at all? Not so much as the engine but the way they move and everything feels altered. Almost as if Capcom brought out the best in SNK. And to add more proof to the theory, when it was SNKS turn to take a swing at a vs game it turned out to be a big piece of shit didnt it?

I’d much much rather see a CvS3 with KOF characters than a full blown brand new King Of Fighters game.

Its something about the KOF series that makes me want to compare it to VF4. The gameplay is stiff to me. . really really stiff, either you like it or you hate it and thats a shame because they have so many characters that have potential to make a really good game.

It’s hard to put into words . .but I was expecting off the wall fighting and I dont really get that in the KOF games. Much like VF. QCF+p might look like a regular old heavy slash, HCF+k might be a sweep or some shit, long ass commands and supers turn out to be cheap imitation of “special moves” with a shadow effects.

I was so amped when I got KOF 2002+2001, but as it turned out I liked the character designs move than their actual moves. :sad:

Capcom makes SNK characters play like Capcom characters, if that makes any sense.

No, no and no again. Capcom does not make them better.

I think they do, look at CvS2 Hibiki and Kyo.

I dunno about you guys, but I have alot more fun playing as Hibiki and Kyo in CvS2 than I do in LB and KOF. So many more options.

Dont be silly

don’t know i think they both (CAPCOM AND SNK) made the characters thats why they came out perfect except RYO so slow :frowning: in SVC 1 and 2

if you ask me ryo and the other characters i play from kof are travesties in cvs2. they did a good job of butchering kof ryo and rb2 yamazaki.

yes they do make them better

IMO yes, they do.

I had the same situation as you, I never played KoF, but played CvS2 seriously. Then I played KoF02, man it was so different. They feel so different, and maybe because of the 6 to 4 button gameplay. But lately I’ve played KoF:NeoWave and it actually felt a bit more like the SNK characters in CvS2.


Nako and haohmaru are alot more fun in cvs2 IMO. I wish they made athena and terry a lil better, they both need a GOOD crossover.

Personally, I disagree. I hated using Iori in CvS2, he was missing something…no idea what it was, but he just felt weird to me. I do think that Capcom can SNK better then SNK can do Capcom though…if that makes any sense.

I think some characters got more attention then others. I HATED Yamazaki (I thought he was a boring, bland character in all the SNK games he appeared in) But his CVS1/2 Voice actor coupled with his movelist modifications made me actually ENJOY him.

Athena on the other hand, I could kill whoever designed her for cvs2. What a fucking hack job.

Some characters like Kyo feel a lot different. I wish you could juggle his red kicks in CvS2, because other than that there’s really no use for it. Terry would be a lot better with his power charge (more combo/juggle possibilities), and a more invincible rising tackle that can actually do something against a crossup. Kim can’t juggle after his hishokyaku like in KOF, nor can he cross up with it and hit deep like his SNK variation. And why doesn’t Athena have anything going for her other than c.FP?

In general though, I like how Capcom brought the SNK cast into their universe. I just don’t think they gave them their tools they had in their SNK variations and needed to do well against the Capcom cast.

personally, i like playing cvs2 over any of the kof games. i like capcom’s speed, and flow. personally, iori in cvs2 is one of my fave characters to play in any fighter.

CvS2 to SvC Chaos is hardly a fair comparison seeing as SNK CEASED TO EXIST for a while in the process of making the game, and a different team took over to rush it out.

It took me quite a while to get used to KoF games, but I like them now. The things that made it hard for me were I think that the input reading is less forgiving so you have to be more accurate with directional inputs, comboing stuff is harder and a lot of normals have much longer animations than in Capcom games.

So… you play CVS first, then you play them in KOF/LB/etc and “oh my god, they dont play like CVS”. Thanks for the laugh.

Try asking some SNK players how they feel about the CVS incarnations. Butchered, thats what theyll say.

And using SVC as “proof”? Give me a break.

Wrong and wrong.

  1. There are more original DMs (with unique animations) in SNK games than in Capcom games. Also, SNK characters have more special moves (Ex versions in CVS are due to this). Thats fact. SNK invented DMs, after all.

  2. KOFs pace nowadays is much faster than any Capcom game in its regular speed. Watch some KOF2003 or 2002 and youll see.

P.S: KOF2000/2001 are some of the worst KOFs. Get the 2002/2003 pack instead.

ill give you ryo, he is kinda “meh” in the cvs series, but yama is good in every capcom incarnation he has been in, his stand D in cvs is fast and everyone has to block it mid, and all his other moves are still hella good, (far C is better than it is in kof, so is low D) from his snake bite to his knife (safe on block, unlike kof) to his supers and counters. Even his headbutt command throw is good. While you can’t combo off it anymore, his jab version has a large range, enough to grab them off a blocked low fwd, then when they start flinching, you can choose to do another low fwd into a combo, or into grab super if they try to do a move, or guillotine if they try and jump away.

Iori in CvS2 compared to KOF? Obviously they play very different, (like for example, cvs2 iori has a much better DP, and 1st hit of rekkaken is fairly safe on block,) but cvs2 iori is alot more balanced, he can’t run all over you like he can in KOF, but Capcom’s take on his normals is alot well more thought out imo, but that’s because Capcom games focus more on strong normal attacks and less on overwhelming the opponent with short jump rushdown, etc.

The reason why I like CvS2 Kyo over KOF Kyo is…well he’s much more fun to play. He has too many 50/50 mixups and tricks as opposed to kof. All his orochinagi chains leave the opponent right next do you for ambigous crossups and mixups. His RH throw leaves the opponent right next you as opposed to bouncing you away in KOF…his low strong, standing strong, low fwd and stand fwd are all intresting normals that he just doesn’t have in the KOF series. And he can do far stand rh into super, woohoo! And let’s not forget his overhead smash in kof as opposed to cvs2, in cvs it knocks down and is a top down overhead on big chars…

and cvs rock compared to MOTW rock…there is no comparison. Rock was kinda blah in MOTW, but in CvS2, he is fucking BEAST.

that’s cause they try to play them like KOF, and they get fucking owned for free. They just want to play them like kof, without trying to think outside the box and actually try different things.

who cares, what the SNK players think, they don’t play both games anyway and they usually give up after realizing that their chars dont play like KOF. If you could give me examples of why SNK players think KOF chars are butchered (in some cases, they are,) I can give you plenty of examples about things that they can do (in cvs1/2) that they can’t do in kof that are hella broken.

Besides, it is a well known fact that a large majority of the SNK cast in CvS1/2 are top tier, or upper mid tier. SNK players just quit before they can even get to that level. So I dunno what the bitching is all about.

oh, and for the record, i’ve played SNK incarnations of the chars waaaaay before. I’ve played their CvS incarnations. And in a lot of instances the CvS incarnations are well thought out, with some exceptions. If they all played the same as their KOF incarnations they’d be way too broken…

I do have to agree with Time_Stop. Playing CvS then complaining about SNK characters in there natural environment is kinda daft.

I played CvS first, then tried KoF, and to be honest, I found KoF the more rewarding experience. I think people are shocked you can’t play certain KoF characters like the shotos, and it throws them right off.

How can you even attempt to ask this question? This shouldn’t even be discussed. They are two seperate, completely different systems.

Most strategies from KoF wont work in CvS and vice versa.

Silly question.

It boils down to this: If you’re more a fan of SNK’s style, then no. If you’re a bigger fan of Capcom’s style, then yes.

I’d much rather play SNK charathers when Capcom’s making the game than I would if it was a game SNK made.

And to those who’re saying the SNK characters are “butchered,” no shit, everyone had shit rounded down so they’d all fit into the context of ONE GAME. Some of Capcom’s own characters were rounded down.