Does capcom hate guile?

Is it just me or does capcom hate guile?

Nope. Capcom hates you.

playing with him in ae is always a uphill battle for no reason

I think they just decided that they don’t want defensive characters to be top tier.

As a Rufus main I use Guile as my secondary because of certain match-ups ie Fei-Long and Zangief to name a few. I’m really disappointed in his nerfs because if you take the time to learn him, he’s a really fun character to use.

I hope with the AE patch he gets the necessary buffs needed to get back to his former glory.

I admit that the went TOO hard on him with the nerf stick but. Certain things should have been changed about him. I don’t think that they needed to nerf his ultra the way they did. They also didn’t need to nerf his flashkicks but the back fist and air throw yes and the meter builing for booms? definately. He could zone out the ENTIRE cast for free with no risks at all.

It’s funny because I just started to use him. Now he’s ass.
Perfect timin’ I have, eh?

Backfist is duckable, it should hit for that 120 damage. Stop holding forward.

CH nerf for Sonic Boom and Air Slasher is bullshit, too. Fei Long and Vega tapping on focus kills Guile’s close-range boom game.

I know right? its bs

Guile needs damage back. They need to up his dmg on normals, like SHP 120 - how it was in Vanilla… Backfist 100 is plenty nerfed from super. 90 is a joke.

Capcom probably doesn’t like the idea of a character with only 2 special moves be in the top/high tier.

Guile made Capcom.

He’s not that bad. You just can’t get away with all the bullshit he did in super in AE…

But still his creator shitted on him…