Does Capcom not care about fans of their Marvel games?

Or do they figure mvc2 is enough for us? No, I’m not saying I want them to do mvc3. I want a home compilation of the vs games (hell, I’ll take just the first 3, I ain’t picky…the first 3 are all I play anyway. Mvc2 is available anywhere if you want it bad enough), and maybe in addition to the games themselves, a special “megamix”-type game that combines the casts (and character versions) of Xmen vs Street Fighter and Msh vs Street Fighter (since those 2 are the most alike, and would cause less work for Capcom)) with the standard 2-on-2 format? Marvel vs Street Fighter. They can even combine footage from the attract screen intros (with the announcer vocals semi-intact from msh vs sf…just clip the “superheroes” part when he announces the game title) How hard would this be for them?

And why isn’t Capcom doing anything about getting us a home collection outside of the old Saturn releases? Is it because the only people who mention marvel are people who are saying “make mvc2 playable on this next gen system, or that one”? Is it because the japanese players don’t seem to care? The fact that this has gone on so long, you’d think there was no demand. When is the anniversary of the Marvel teamup? Capcom’s so busy celebrating sf’s anniversary every 5 years or so, they can celebrate this, too.

Hey…did Capcom still have the marvel license when they made all those crappy ports for x-box and the sony systems?

When they did have the license I wondered why they never did this.

Yes and No. They had it when they started porting them, but lost it around there, I remember the game being delayed a bit. The reason the Xbox version wasn’t online was because adding that mode would make have made it a “New” game instead of a port. Marvel(or was it EA/Activision?) threatened to sue if they released it as that. I’m not 100% was a long time ago.

I believe Capcom would have to pay licensing fees to Marvel to use those characters again. Don’t quote me on that.

Capcom needs to get Marvel back, hopefully both SFIV and TvC push them closer to it.

If Marvel vs Capcom 3 would be released it would 100% be 3D anyway. Are you ready for that? I want Capcom and Arc to make 2D fighters foremost, second the characters/license should be cool!
Nobody cares about fans. It’s all about the money and most developers obviously don’t care for either money nor fans. Developers have a team of idiots who tell them what to make.
We’re always waitiing at what they throw at us. I could think of so many games that would make huge profits and satisfy the fans at the same time. NOBODY gives a shit. I guess we’ll have to wait for the day some of the game-geniusses get a positive brainwave.

they need ot just buy the license back and make all the characters hi def! its the right time with the movie come out now!

Too bad there is a lot more to it that “dur let’s buy the marvel gaming license back and make mvc3. =D”

hell, i mean they let sega get the license since EA fucked it up! so anything is possible!

And look what they’re doing. The job they are doing is not really that much better than what EA did with it.


If you kept up to speed on Capcom’s recent Captivate event reports on Capcom’s website (I’d look it up but their search function is wonky after the upgrade right now) you’d know that BOTH Marvel and Capcom want to make another fighting game together. They just can’t proceed due to various licensing issues of the Marvel characters.

We don’t know all of the details but you know it’s bad when both companies want to make the game (as expressed by both sides on the net in the last few months) but can’t proceed at this time.

Prior to EA loosing the license early, Capcom was even keeping track on the date when the license was originally supposed to go up, 1/1/10 and have mentioned that date up to 2 times on their website. EA’s license of course went belly up much earlier. So trust me, they really want to make MVC3 or at the very least, want the license back to re-release older games which they can not do right now. It’s just that it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and making another game.

Even Marvel Nemesis and Ultimate Alliance had problems. Neither could use Hulk as a playable character due to licensing issues. Again, none of these licensing issues are as easy as they sound.

Doesn’t Activision also have some part of the license, since there is apparently gonna be a sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Yes but it’s complicated. Capcom needs a seperate license for fighting games and fighting games only but there are times when running this through other companies like for example Marvel still has to go through Activision and waiting for legal to get back to you and green light everything is something like slamming your head against a brickwall so you can cross an intersection…

Assuming of course from reading up on a lot of these situations. Can’t say I know the exact details because if I did I’d catch a lawsuit for even saying this much. :rolleyes:

Hulk so far is RUMORED to appear in MUA2 as a playable character. Which is just weird because at least according to said rumor MUA2 will be based on Civil War, which Hulk wasn’t in and if he’s in Civil War, there can’t be a World War Hulk, um WHAT? Eh don’t think about it… :rofl: Maybe Activision made some headway with the Hulk issue, I dunno… We’ll find out by E3… :looney:

And ofcourse, there’s the Spider-Man & Marvel Zombies thing

I think Zombie versions of characters might fall in some kind of loophole. :rofl:

Erm, Tatsunoko vs Capcom? I’ m pretty sure if they could have licenced it, they would have… I would just be glad the system’s coming back…

TVC? LOL you can’t compare Japanese companies to American companies. No one in Japan ever gets sued for anything, really. I think Itagaki will be the first when he sues Tecmo after he walks up judges and lawyers from their long rests. :rofl: Hmm, didn’t keep track of how the sexual harassment suit against him turned out, maybe only Itagaki deals with the law? :looney:

Seriously, Mike Bison? JJBA having a character named Vanilla Ice and a long list of other musician rip off names? Jump Superstars coming out in Japan and 100 anime companies not coming out to sue? (The loophole was they used nothing from any anime just the manga, but that still can’t work in the US) People selling doujin / hentai of characters they don’t own out in the open and no one cares?

In America you can sue a corporation for spilling coffee on your own lap, and win for crying out loud! GOD BLESS AMERICA… :tdown:

Well I still think the United States is one of the greatest countries in the world, but still… Sue Country does not mess around…

Well to be clear about that the coffee was served scalding hot and you couldn’t actually drink it without burning yourself. That’s not “oh this plate is hot” it’s "you cannot possibly use this for the next fifteen minutes don’t try or you’ll burn yourself."
Read up on that, it’s an interesting case of corporate arrogance. If in doubt, go pour yourself a 180 degree cup of coffee and think about its usability. :smile:

While TvC supposedly won’t make it over here … natively, I love that they’re revisiting the game engine and fixing it up and maybe making it easier to create any future game in the series. :tup:

It’s most likely what Spiderman: Web Of Shadows is gonna be.

LOL that whole case is BS because she spilled the coffee on herself, if she would of burned her lip on it than fine. But I’m prolly just hating 'cuz I didn’t think of it first. :lol: Now we have coffee lids that say “Warning: Your Hot Coffee is… HOT!” No wonder every country laughs at us. :rofl:

Capcom doesn’t care about the *American *MvC fans, no. That’s why Japan is getting TvC, and we probably never will…

Cus, it’s not like they’re catering to the American public with TVC anyway.