Does Capcom Vs SNK 2 on GameCube run in 480P is I have Components?




is I have Components?


I don’t think so.

But the Dreamcast one does :smiley: use VGA for that one.


Never mind, I just checked the back of the box on GameFaqs, no word on Progressive Scan.

Guess I’ll go with the DC version since I have the VGA box and all.


No…but you can has a cheezeburgers. I makeded it for you.




I guess this thread was resolved in a speedy manner, but wouldn’t this be more appropriate for the Tech Talk section?

And yeah, avoid the Gamecube version like the PLAGUE.



It’s not as if there’s a huge amount of tournaments for this game anymore and it’s still a damn good game with the few changes that were made to the Gamecube/xbox versions.


Doesn’t mean you should use an edited version. Alpha enthusiasts don’t go playing the crappy PS1 versions of Alpha.


Roll cancel removed. Analog specials and supers.


You dont have to play with analog specials and supers, and if he’s just playing for fun I doubt he’d be rollcanceling the shit out of stuff anyways.





I tried using GC-ism once and just gave up. Not to mention I couldn’t attack while jumping.

I’d be impressed if someone managed to do anything with that mode on.


As far as I know only the Xbox version has progressive scan.


and finest ko crashing the bgm. any characters left after a finest ko (dramatic ko finish) and you’re playing the rest of the match with just sound effects.


That’s the only good thing about that port, sadly.

Supers to analog stick? What the fuck?

And Dreamcast version is the only version that should be played.


also changes to the character balance and groove balance. its been a while since i’ve played those versions, but thats how i remember it.