Does Cody's safe jump after HP CU still work?



I haven’t played AE since last November (been playing marvel). Recently I got back into it and started experimenting with the new changes implemented in version 2012 (I know, I’m late). For some reason, I can’t seem to get Cody’s simplest safe jump to work consistently (walk forward 1 frame after HP CU and jump forward with HK). I was wondering if this safe jump still works? if the timing is different now due to the increase in walkspeed? Or have I just gotten really rusty? help!


It still works. No reason I could think of why it wouldn’t.


I can still get it to work against 5f reversals with ease, but this definitely no longer works against 4f reversals. Idk if this is because of cody’s walk speed buff or if quick wake up speed after soft knockdowns in general was increased. Can anybody with more knowledge on the subject please shed some light? why is this no longer working against 4f reversals?


I was able to safe jump Fei and Sagat using this setup. Perhaps your issue is not with startup of the reversal but instead, the alternate wakeup timing of certain characters. Sagat wakes up 1f slower IIRC so you need your safe jump to be a little later if it’s whiffing.

Though if this doesn’t help maybe we need a little more info on what’s wrong. Is the attack hitting you before you have a chance to block or is your jump-in whiffing?


Fei and Sagat both have 5f reversals. I can safe jump them just fine. Seth and Cammy as well.

It’s failing against 4f reversals. Try Yun for example. This setup will safe jump his LK up kicks(5f) but will get hit by his EX up kicks(4f).
Or try Ken. This setup can no longer safe jump his MP or EX shoryuken (both 4f).

Before the 2012 patch this setup worked on 4 framers as well.


Did anybody else bother testing this? The timing to safe jump 4 frame reversals after the HP CU has become extremely difficult due to the new walk speed. What’s worse is that if your opponent quick rises by pressing throw, it delays their quick rise to the point where they can make your attack whiff completely and throw you :frowning:


try checking the list of changes made to cody in ae 2012 and see if it says anything about that


^^ It doesn’t.

After more testing, it seems I was wrong about the delayed quick rise throw thing. Certain characters are quick rising slower/faster than others after HP Criminal Upper.


oh that sucks, as a new cody main i was looking to get my hand on any trick i could find that could help me scrub out a win :frowning:


^^ Lol. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unless you are playing against a retard, you are never going to “scrub” out a win using Cody.