Does color and costume choice affect your gameplay?


Something I wondered after watching a documentary on how colors can affect the way people behave.

[]Does anyone think they become more passive, aggressive or play differently because of these?
]Do you always go to a certain costume and color everytime you play?
[*]What about stages - do you tend to pick the same stage everytime you play?


I play every game with the same colour and costume for Gen. Alternate 1 in Black. It’s just how I like it.

Stages? Nah…I’d get bored of the same one.


OP clearly hasn’t seen carnival blanka.


That’s what I was about to say … I can never tell what the heck is going on when he’s wearing that crazy feather rack.


I also saw a Horizon documentary on colour.

The costumes and stuff I like to keep the same colour as in the heat of the battle in mirror match you could forget which is your character… especially in a Dhalsim vs Dhalsim where everyone teleports and Blanka vs Blanka roll all day.

Oh and the documentary pretty much proved “red” is the best colour for competitions. Something to do with evolution and the colour of blood etc.


Yeah that’s the one I saw. I wouldn’t say “proved” though. If I recall correctly, a number of studies conducted found a correlation between different colours and changes in human behaviour. The doc just highlighted some or a few that would spark interest


Its was one of the reasons why I went with red buttons and a red ball top stick when I was doing my modding :slight_smile:


I play Seth Alt 1 Color 12. Or is it 11? Whichever one looks like pencil and not ink.


I mainly play as red characters.I like the color. Except for black ryu he wears purple. Check the pic. I actually photoshoped hd remix ryu to look like my sfxt ryu!!!


Gas station and scuise ship are the worst maps, too much glowing and so many low-polygon models on background. Annoying, it makes me play more defensive. Sadly, I have no idea how to change game files to replace this stages with training map.
What’s about the costumes, i can’t play seriously when i see sagat’s alt pants^^
Also, here is some glitch in ae, don’t know if they are fixed this or not in 12.


I always use ryu’s 10th color. And I like training stage the best but stage doesn’t really matter.

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Aztec Sun God Blanka is banned at all tournaments I run, and when I go to other tournaments, I will just tell my opponents in a confident tone that the current tourney has also banned that costume (even if they haven’t).


I only use the default costumes. Capcom’s gotten enough of my money already. And in competition, I always pick the worst colour possible. Because if I pick black, or white, or red, or anything cool looking, then I want to win, I want to do well. But if you beat me and I’m pink, well I don’t care that I got bodied, i’m wearing pink!

So I think picking lame colours actually helps me focus on my gameplay. Because it’s the little things that work. Like hitting your AAs consistently. And getting punishes happening. Do enough of that and you’ll win the fight anyway.


I try and pick distracting stuff.

Nah, I just do whatever every time.


Always Chun Alt 1 Color 9 if alts are available. :lovin: Alt 2 Color 5/8/9 for trolling. :lol:

Stages… it’s kinda a player superstition kinda thing. My friend is almost unbeatable in Solar Eclipse. He must be an FMA homonculus.


Kinda. I usually have Gouken’s Alt 2 color 6, I think it’s psychological to have colors you prefer, related to skill. Maybe, It’s a longshot. It could make you focus less on the character? Who knows.