Does competition take the fun out of games?

A. Competitive-competition is playing** to win** in order to outrank others, make money, or gain reputation.

B. Casual-competition is where one plays for fun and sees winning as a bonus or side-effect.

I notice the more Competitive-competitive I get the less fun I have and the more stressful a game becomes.

I don’t rage but I’m definitely not chill.

What do you think?

Only if you can’t handle losing, or your friends are in the other boat preventing either from ever truly happening.

[media=youtube]IMk5sMHj58I"[/media] if you’re telling me it doesn’t matter then retire, get out, cause it matters.

I don’t even like Soccer, but this made sense to me.


No, I was playing TF2 earlier and ground out a tough win in Arena and I had to change my underwear.

You have to the find your healthy balance of both, imo

i dislike losing more than i enjoy winning, but i still relish competition.

i guess to answer the question directly, yeah. but “fun” isn’t why you compete, it’s more about thrill and stress imo. winning isn’t fun…if you’re dominating someone and have completely control you can have some fun but winning is more fufilling than fun.

I wouldn’t know, im a winner in life

that was pretty awesome, but if you just play to win and aren’t having fun, then the game turns into work.

Humans are competitive by nature(testoterone), if competition(winning especially) takes the fun out of anything, something is wrong.

EDIT: It’s losing that takes the fun out of it for people, I’ve never heard anyone say they didnt enjoy themselves while winning.

I love competition, the people who have turned out to be my best friends have come from fierce shit talking rivalries where losing just makes them turn their shit up a notch, and put in some work (Fighting games, MTG, Dota, Poker…all sorts of games.) I think this dynamics really good because you really lvl each other up hella fast if you both the same type of person.

I could be weird though being not competatative is a deal breaker for me in relationships too lol.

Also I’ll play nasty ass games over games I legitimaly like if theres a better/stronger scene so its not really about winning soley, so I guess competition puts fun in games for me.

I enjoy competing face to face, with people I know… but most competition over the Internet gives me no joy whatsoever. I guess social context has a direct relation to the value of competition for me.

I don’t think being a champion is cut out for everyone. It’s a big commitment, and for some people, all that work can make the game less fun. The problem is when someone assumes its not possible to have fun putting all that work into a game, or that people not willing to put the work in to be a champion are worthless and shouldn’t even bother.

Depends on what kinda person you are really, for some people (the majority of SRK probably, including me), fun is in the competition of the game and getting better.

But, you can’t really define what fun is for someone else.

same here

All depends on the gamer I guess (hate that term). Some people thrive on competition, other prefer the casual route. The casuals may play for fun but I doubt that means the competitive players aren’t enjoying themselves. Often striving to get better at every aspect of your game makes it more fun for people.

Personally, I find it fun to be competitive among friends but that’s about it. I’ve never obsessed over a game to the point of playing money matches and all that. Nothing wrong with it, just not for me.

I really don’t want to just link you to the Dom 101 article that addresses exactly this, but basically, when a game gets competitive, and there are two players working on an even level to one-up each other, each using every tool at their disposal to outplay the other, those two players are most likely having more fun than any kids sitting around laughing at how much “fun” the crazy, flashy, ultras are.

Competition breeds a more rewarding and satisfying kind of fun. If I’m playing “just for fun,” I might enjoy mashing buttons and seeing some neat combos and flashy moves, but once the round is over, the experience is gone. When I play a hard-fought, incredibly tense battle where one mistake could mean a loss with people watching, and elimination from a tournament, and I scrape by with a clever trick or well-placed combo, and win the match, that feeling will sometimes stay with me for hours.

Any time you really achieve something you decide that you want, you’ll find that you get a lot more enjoyment than when your goal is simply to “have fun”

Ya, I guess if the game is fine tuned so that there are no blatant imbalances, glitches, lag, random number generators, and things like that, then a pure one on one competition where it’s just skill vs skill is very rewarding.

I think I get more frustrated with games that have luck and imbalances built in (Wow) and appropriate much of the skill requirement to team-work coordination. Having to depend on others can be negative at times.

This is why I only play Coop games with friends. Especially competitive ones. I much prefer solo competitive games (i.e. fighters lol), and only really play stuff like shooters for the less rewarding experience of just goofing around to blow off steam quick.

I think competition just sucks is when rules are broken or taken advantage of. Basically winning is playing the game as it should be as entertainment for both sides. The second I feel rules are fucking thrown out the window to “win at any cost” then it starts being terrible. Of course it all depends on how the situation is; does the opposing team respond acknowledging and practicing these bending of the rules? Or are they going to feel jealous or angry over your drive to win that it stomped on common decency and/or respect. I feel that competition as fun in sports is a sort of unspoken development on the playing field and when there is an acknowledgment of whether these people like it or not; that determines whether it’s fun or just not worth the effort.