Does counter hit lead to more optiomal links


However, if you generally trying to use a link, then it’s important to notice and to react in counter hit situations. Because of the frame-advantage offered, there are more damage/setup opportunities. And because of the nature of links (in that you have to wait for the move to end before you input the next move) you have a little bit of time (the rest of the active frames and the recovery frames) to decide whether or not you can go for a link that is only possible in a counter hit situation (as the indicator for counter hit should come out during the active frames after the opponent is hit with the first active frame).

can anybody tell me what they mean by the bolded


Counter hits = more hitstun

More hitstun = potential for links that aren’t possible without counter hits.

So I guess the answer to your question is yes.


what does hitstun have to do with combos and also i wanted to know if u hit a move with alot of active frames during a counter hit could u pull of a mid meaty combo


hitstun is the amount of frames the opponent cannot do anything in. something that is + on block has higher hitstun than blockstun, meaning you recover faster than the opponent. Moves are able to link if the advantage on hit of the previous move is less than the startup of the move.

on counterhit, moves gain hitstun, meaning they become more advantageous. this enables slower moves to link after a counterhit, usually resulting in more damage. Combos that only work off a counterhit are known as “counterhit setups” and generally require practice to hitconfirm.

As for the second question, meaties have nothing to do with counterhits, so you wouldn’t pull off any mid-combo meaties that you wouldn’t get off a regular hit. Mid combo meaty attacks are a property of the reeling animation of specific characters, and afaik that doesn’t change on CH.


We first have to understand how combos work, and what hitstun is:

Now, what counterhits do is increase the hitstun that the attack deals - something that would recover 4 frames earlier from the move animation than the opponent from getting hit can now leave the opponent reeling longer - so you have, say, 7 frames to work with which allows you to do a slower move and still have it connect on the helpless opponent.