Does CVS2 experience help in MVC2 and 3S?

I’ve only been playing CVS2 (around a little more than a year but w/e) and I was interested in learning 3S and MVC2. For the past month or so, I’ve been reading up the old strategy threads and watching a bunch of videos. So I was just wondering if CVS2 experience helps at all or if learning each game will take a long ass time. I don’t seem to get the concept of 3S and MVC2; one seems to be a turtle fest while the other is like a rushdown on speed. I feel frustrated sometimes when I play because I know I’m not good and when I play against other people who I can see sort of suck, it makes it worse when I lose = (.

Eh, if you know the basics of any SF then that will help you in most other SF games and SF spin offs… If you know how and when to poke, zone, rush, and turtle, and how to do so effectively, along with the tricks of the trade to shit, like buffering, cross ups, mix ups, tick throws, etc. then you should be able to play decently in any SF or SF relative.

CVS2 will help with 3s, but not with Marvel.

Well put.

Being really good at marvel makes you instantly good in every other game.

Im inclined to agree.
You have to be super fast and fairly technical with your inputs to be good in marvel.
Things like fast fly make special canceling in 3s seem like childsplay.

Marvel is hard, hard, hard to play at any kind of top level.

Shit, being good at something like Tony Hawk will help more with Marvel. Haha.

Super canceling is easy anyway (i’m used to it because I used to play SVC a lot haha). I thought fast fly was considered a fairly easy technique? I thought all you did was qcb + KK, neutral, uf and then lk.

I disagree.

Marvel makes you more inclined to rush, and more importantly, jump.

Certain top marvel players (Justin, ComboFriend, etc etc) are just talented and can apply that skill to other games.

However, intermidiate and even some good marvel players are absolute garbage and other games.

Difficult Super motions (Double QCF, 720, charging), Link combos, and even footsies are concepts intermediate marvel players don’t get.

I just think most SF only players can hang a little better in marvel than vice versa.


PROS:Become instantly good at blocking/reactions/execution/combos/clutch
Makes it easy to adapt to slower games easily

Transition is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy easier than cvs2 to marvel or any other game.

cons: footsies no up to par(instantly, at least)

Marvel has a lot of footsies in it’s own way. Which can help.

Dunno about that. I know a few marvel players that can’t play any of the SF2s, alphas, or cvs2.

This is true, i know players who can’t play shit in cvs2, and in games like 3s, they have to do like fireball xx super in order to “super cancel”

But i’m not that great in mvc2, i think i’m better in cvs2 now.

3S is very lenient with inputs with things like charge partitioning, buffering and other stuff like that. CvS2 on the other hand has some really fucking strict input.

Everyone here has contributed some good input… though we all agree and disagree to an extent. I think that playing CvS2 definately puts you in a better position to play Marvel or 3s; but you have to remember that the combo systems/fighting styles are always going to be different. Certain players (ie Mags, Storm, Sent,Cable) make winning a lot easier on Marvel, but I’m sure that you can spend literally fucking YEARS learning all of the bad ass combos…

Uhh… playing Marvel will help improve your execution, and maybe your zoning… that’s about it. Starting off with an OG SF game, then transitioning into Marvel is much better than playing Marvel, then getting into old school SF. As it’s been said before, most Marvel players have difficulty with the old school games, while most people who play the old school games have little difficulty learning marvel;
This is because people who play Marvel first almost immediately jump into higher tier play, with a very restricted set of rules; the Big 4 have tried and true tactics. This means that this new generation almost completely skipped grounding in more basic tactics, as some people mentioned, footsies, and pokes.
Playing ST/HF, or A3/A2 will help your Marvel game. :tup:

First off DaDesiCanadian your Avatar made my day :tup:

Playing Marvel made it easy for me to learn Cvs2 and 3s because they are slower. You don’t have to worry about commando poping up an shocking your ass or some shit like that. It’s one on one so it’s fucking easy.

all I know is that Marvel requires better reaction than 3S and CvS2.

the rushdown is too crazy

Marvel is as complex as it gets. There are 20,000 things happening on the screen at once, i would hope a marvel player would be able to play st/cvs2/3s with ease. lol.

Starting with other games, and then trying marvel would be overwhelming. Especially, with the crazy/complex magnetos.

hmmm reaction? hit-confirms in 3S only gives you about 1/5 of a second.

CVS2 is a lot more mind-game based vs. marvel’s execution and 3S’s technicality.

CVS2’s P-Groove is nothing like 3S, but as ATM Spidertao has proven, it still helps your 3S game. Tao is the master of random supers because CVS2 is his native game.

Marvel at high levels is lot more difficult than the other 2, that I agree on. By more difficult I mean if you’re not as good as someone, chances are you won’t beat him with luck. (hahaha pun intended) In CVS2 and 3S, there’s still the luck factor in a lot of things, which makes it a little easier for mid-tier players to compete against top players.

Sorry, I just have to ask, have you done well in a tourney for 3S for you to say what you just said?? Just wondering. Cause not to dis on you guys but if you guys do claim that being so great at MvC2 (not being Justin and ComboFiend) makes you a great player in any game. How about this, can you play Tekken?? Or how about KoF?? VF perhaps?? What about Guilty Gear?? CvS2?? Or better yet, the way you put it, if 3S is just special cancelling, show me you’re good in 3S. These types of “claims” sometimes makes people believe in a lot of things. Knowing moves vs Knowing how to play are two different things.


P.S. Oh btw, if you guys are wondering why I’m asking this, though I’m not a proven player, I can play both CvS2 and Guilty Gear and I can hold my own in Tekken.