Does deadpool have any safe blockstrings?

The title asks my biggest question–does Deadpool carry any safe blockstrings at all aside from rapid fire jabs?
And does he have any moves of notable “priority”? Beyond his guns, is there anything he can throw out to stop someone else’s momentum or attempt to start a string?

Anything ending in standing H is safe, stuff ending in his overhead is also safe, also you can generally end things in his ninja star or grenade and be pretty safe.

I’d suggest using a projectile/lock down assist with to cover your ass.

@Jamheald - Thank you for that. I didn’t know you could go the full LMH and be safe with it, but its been working so far.
@WorstPlayer - I generally use a Deadpool (a)/Dante (a)/Taskmaster (a) team–I use Dante and Task’s Jam Sessions and Arrows respectively to try to keep Deadpool safe, or at least ‘untouched’ but there are times when I fight faster or more mobile characters like Wesker or Dormammu, and cannot really trust just my assist–since they can always have a projectile/lock down assist as well. Sorta feels like anytime I throw out any of Deadpool’s moves, be it M or Quick Work, Dormammu has the answer in a mere normal…

Either way, thank you.

i end stuff with Ninja Gifts

yeah, ninja stars if you actually want to touch them, but nade if you want to freeze them or get them to jump back.

then more happy trigger

Bolo if they have no fast projectile. Also if you can manage to call an assist then get on the other side and perform an overhead there is a chance you’ll cross over. I know She-Hulk’s Torpedo assist can help you against Magneto.

Definitely got my notepad out taking all this down. I was having probs keeping Deadpool safe on block as well…

yea, its tough because even if you use ninja gifts to often, people can just hyper inbetween those frames. Its great to mix up whether you go to slide then grenade or just do lights into overhead. But like many chars, specials are usually unsafe so it is best to use assist so you can either teleport/overhead or just do grenade call assist and then shoot guns to do more chip.

His taunt is pretty good at stopping things like tatsu, and can combo into Katanarama.

I heard from somewhere (The Big Two stream by Spooky), that out of all the ninja gifts, he is only able to block after the stars. Anyone else know anything in regards to this?

If you do Ninja Gift L in the air, he recovers fast enough to double jump, so I can see him being able to block in time too.

Hmmm… surprisingly didn’t know this. this information is most useful indeed.
I still have a bad tendency to just end it with H & get hit afterwards (not all the time but more than i should)

I’ll be testing this out in the lab today

I think some of the myth is in using Deadpool’s normals to make him safe on block. Deadpool is the only one who cancels all of his specials for free. It’s so strong they took the cancel away from his overhead.

Theoretically, Deadpool can f.:h: Slide >>

Then Quickwork >> Teleport >> :l: :m: :h: >> Quickwork >> Chimichangas >> Teleport >> f.:h: Slide >> etc leaving a lot of space for improv and assist calling.

Deadpool’s taunt is also cancelable at any time into these strings and is a good (albeit limited) anti-air.

Ex. block string: AA Taunt >> Katanarama >> Chimichangas >> Teleport >> f.:h: Slide >> Nades >> XX >> .

He can stick a jab out after ground bolo or air stars. I think he can block on the way down, but I haven’t tested

Hmm. He shouldn’t be able to block on the way down considering that Bolo is one of his gifts. I think he goes into recovery after the animation stops. But you should test that out. One when he has just done the gift, and another about 2 seconds after he does the gift.