Does DJ have a good Option Select Punish?

my main is Rog and i always use his walk back RH as a really good OS punish, i tried doing this with DJ’s S.RK and C.FP and they do work to some degree. Has anyone found or tried any others that would work better?

oh an by Option select i mean the throw OS

try walk back St. Fierce

This. When you realise your opponent is crouch teching, walk back and hit them with this, to get a juggle. Once your opponent is in the juggle state, you can do slide > U2 after, but if thats not possible, just straight EX Dread kick that shit.

Hmm never tried that. I always cr. fierce after a couple of jabs and it always result into a counter hit. That’s the only trap that seems to work consitently against those Boxer and Chun etc. mashers. off to the training room

cr. fierce is probably better because its faster (i think) the St. Fierce leads to more damage tho.

You don’t get a launch off s.hp when someones crouch teching or stand teching. S.Hp and c.hp are the same speed.

yo verify i seen some of your videos and your prob one of the best Dee jays i’ve seen, Do you know which is the best OS crouch punisher? all i can get to work is crouch Fierce punch but its not nearly as good as Rog’s walkback RH. Im really bored of Rog and DJ is alot more fun to play

i somethings do Jab jab throw and switch it up with Jab Jab Crouch Fierce

rogs RH has 3 frames of startup lol his frame data is scary.

try st. mk

Verify i just tested it yesterday and yea it starts up to quickly.

You are basically asking for a good frame trap. So I’d say theese are your options:

  1. cr.jab, cr.jab (you predict the crouch tech) xx air slasher xx supaaaaaaa
  2. cr.jab, cr.jab (you predict the crouch tech) xx heavy dreads
  3. cr.jab, cr.jab (you predict the crouch tech) xx ex mgu, ex dreads

The first one is great, cause you are safe after the air slasher, so if they block just don’t do a super. The frame trap window is 2 frames.
2nd is not so great, cause heavy dreads are not safe. Frame trap window is 3 frames.
The last one is range dependant, so if your jabs push the opponent to far, don’t try it. Frame trap window is 3 frames also.

RH? You mean roudhouse (heavy kick)? Actually starts in 7 frames and far hk in 8.