Does DLC transfer?

I play vanilla on pc, but I’m getting a 360 soon with super.If I have dlc on pc, do I have to buyit again on 360?


Wait…you gotta buy the DLC for the PC?

Erm, yea. Unless you hak which is possible, but I liked to be fair. You only pay for alts.I just want to be sure, because I dont want to buy them on pc if they wont work on super 360.

Another thing. I added a paypal to my xbox account. If I use it to buy points will it take from the paypal or debit card? Bcause it wouldnt use a paypal without a card attached. Nope they arent it seems

The PC version of Street Fighter IV and the console version of the game are two separate things. We never claimed that you would be able to transfer costumes from one platform to the other. If you want the costumes for the 360 version you will have to purchase them. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
CAPCOM Customer Support
saw this on the net.