Does DLC work for different region accounts?

I have a Japanese PSN account and am wondering, if I buy the EU SFV will the DLC work?
Anyone tried this or anything similar?

A little late, but here’s an answer nonetheless.

I recently bought a code from someone from the Japanese Hot Package (comes with Cammy’s battle costume, 1000 Zenny and “The HOT One!” title). Redeemed it on my JPN account, and it works fine with my EU copy of the game… however, it’s only usable with that Japanese account I redeemed it with, not with my main, UK account.

Similarly, the hot Ryu costumed redeemed on my UK account doesn’t work with any other accounts.

So, as long as you’re using the account you redeemed the DLC code on, it seems it should work fine with copies of the game from other regions.

All PS4 DLC is region specific. You’ll need to have a PSN account that has the same region as said DLC.