Does Dudley have a cross-up? At all?

Most characters have some sort of cool cross-up, so I was wondering if Dudley has one. I know he’s beast enough as-is, but a cross-up would make him way more dangerous. Anybody know of a useful one? I haven’t seen/used one before…

j.RH crosses up on rare occasions, but i dunno the specifics.

it just seems to happen randomly sometimes.

Nope. None of Dudley’s jumping attacks have hit boxes that would make for a cross-up attack. He just has ground cross-ups (dashing through quickstands).

jump roundhouse does randomly cross up people on wake up. not flat on the floor wake up but a little crouched wake up

i have a chimchar for trade. anyone?

He’s pretty good at punishing cross ups tho. Ducking through cross up to SA3 FTW.

I don’t cross up much, but when I do happen to realize I can do it and succeed I follow up with a cr. short, cr. short super thing. etc.

I like to try and confirm it either which way to be safe. But then I’ll end up getting caught by some mashing scrub.


Sadly no useful cross ups for duds. I believe his awesome normals in general make up for that :stuck_out_tongue: crosses up

yeah, its still tough to set up to make it useful though

could make some interesting high low mix ups.

it’s hard to time. But gj yellows4 for pointing that out. I totally forgot about that.