Does Dynamat work?

I’m trying to find a good way to make my HRAP3 quieter. I’ve already filled the voids under the bottom plate with some cut up old rags which helped a little. I was wondering if anyone has had success installing Dynamat under the top panel where all the wiring is.

There’s a store near me where I can get two 10" sheets for about $20. Is this enough Dynamat to get the job done? Where exactly should I install it? Worth the money?

Thanks in advance for the input; I really respect the opinions on this board.

I’ve done it before.
It changes the tone more so than quieting it down. I wouldn’t waste my money.

Get some quilt filling and stuff that inside there. It works wonders in sub boxes. Since theres no heat that could do damage to the stuffing it should work well, if not better than dynamat.

Thanks everyone.