Does E.Ryu have 2 frame links?

I understand that Double Tapping is very effective when it comes to 2-frame links, so I was just wondering which links in particular are 2-frame for E. Ryu? Thanks!

The only ones really worth doing off the top of my head are:

  1. MK Axe Kick to cr.LP
  2. cr.LP to cr.MP

Obviously this doesn’t include links off counter hit.

Thanks a lot. So for 2 frame links, I should utilize double-tapping specifically correct? I don’t quite understand the technical reasons why it doesn’t work for 1 frame links.

what exactly are 2 frame links or links in general?

Yes, double-tapping is specifically correct. It doesn’t work for 1-frame links because the game engine doesn’t allow mashing of the same button to register one frame apart. It was made that way so you couldn’t mash out combos.

Let’s take the link cr.LP to cr.MP for example.

cr.LP on hit has 5 frames of hit stun.
cr.MP has 4 frames of start up.
The fourth frame of cr.MP is active.
Therefore 5-4+1= 2. It’s a two frame link.

Thankyou! @AudricVsFood

I don’t get it.

Don’t worry about it then.